Not entirely computer related.... 2 Way Radio's.

  Pilch.... 19:34 24 Mar 2003

Anyone know where to get hold of a cheapish set that do a decent distance, eg 2 mile's?

Mate got some for £30, but wondered if there are any cheaper!

  A15 19:45 24 Mar 2003

Try Tamms Direct £39.99 for a pair. Unless you mean your mate got a pair for £30 if so that's a good deal! click here

  spuds 23:09 24 Mar 2003

Check out Argos special deals.Binatone MR200 Twin Pack catalogue number 553/0063 @ £34.99.Believed they have reduced the price of their other models and selection.

  tbh72 01:57 25 Mar 2003

I use BT Freeway PMR446's...... & you will be hard pushed to get 2 miles. The absolute reality of PMR 446 is about 550 metres. You will get a further coverage on CB Radio!!!

  Spook Tooth 03:02 25 Mar 2003

click here

Not possible to link direct anymore - choose Commuication/Radio communication/PMR446 2 Way Radio (scroll down). They have a few worth looking at maybe. Mapins are always good for this sort of thing, though I bet the other links above are good too - advantage with Maplin's is you can see the product in your hand (weigh it up).

What you up to then, Pilch? Gonna use them for LAN parties or something???

  Pilch.... 10:09 25 Mar 2003

Not really

Mainly for example driving long distances with group's of people, just a hell of a lot cheaper than cross network call's via mobile's...

The link are doing my friends ones for £30 so i may look there, although another mate found some on ebay for a £10, but second hand so no real warrenty.

  Spook Tooth 10:21 25 Mar 2003

See what you mean - mobile phone costs...

Hee hee - maybe get a CB fitted? You can pretend you're in a convoy then and give yourself a CB tag like rubberdog or something... lol.

How's the server going to ask a sensible question? I ask as I'm interested still in doing a server build at some stage for a new system - I wonder if dual Athlon MPs (Intel Xeons if cheap enough) makes any real difference to system performance for gaming apps? Be interested to hear your experiences actually and maybe a bit of advice what to go for/avoid?

Well - not sure how well a 2 way radio link would work over any kind of distance though that's partly why I stuck maplin's link in, as the site's good for providing more detailed technical information than many others. Best to get something reliable that works well unless it's just for larking around use you have in mind (imho). G'luck with it though.

  Revo 14:50 27 Mar 2003


Had a couple of two ways from The Link (cant remember the name now) but they were only 49.99 at the time and although they have abuilt in FM radio, they werent very good.

Have now switched to Motorola Talkabout T5512
bought from costco for £79 for a pair, complete with dekstop charging unit and rechargeable battery.

I found these were a much better option, and with the inclusion of a decent earpiece/microphone made good radios for use on a motobike.

  Pilch.... 16:20 27 Mar 2003

How's the server going to ask a sensible question? <- BLIMEY SPOOK SENSIBLE QUESTION!

Fine connection has settled down, CS is godd laugh when everyone is on IRC me two00l and shirley crabtree sometimes meet up for bash at CS, but maby got me hooked on medal of honour spearhead, but it is going well though!

I woudnt trust my opinon's, cos my server is just a 950 duron, 256 ram!

Not really sure so ill leave it to someone else, i would love to get a decent connection, 2mb plus, then perhaps think about decent server but for now it will do nicely!

  two00lbwaster 19:01 27 Mar 2003

so you found some cheap ones at thelink eh ;-)

server wise to answer spooks question, only quake/(possibly)some based engines use SMP(symetric multi processing) for games which is a shame because you'd think that it would be such a good opertunity to exploit the power we can have this way. ie 6Ghz with appropriate xeons and hyperthreaded xeons to boot. unfortunatly not all graphics cards support smp setups and neither do the soundblaster range of sound cards really even the audigy's have problems

  Spook Tooth 20:10 28 Mar 2003

Cheers! SMP sounds interesting - I would agree though I know little about this side of things, I've read how little (or how much more) software (games particularly) could take advantage of the hardware speeds we have today. It does serve to annoy somtimes (patch malarkey with unoptimised netcode etc/BF1942 and what IP told me the initial prob was the game). Mmmm Xeons.... (can only dream....).

Pilch - need to learn that one, CS. And also... too many to mention but my brief fling with Spearhead beckons me back for more. BF42 will be the death of me if I don't take a break from it at some point, go get something to eat and that sorta thing. ;0)) Cheers for the info - I will badger you again - just building another system (long standing probs necessitating), and will soon have it up - I was wondering how on earth do you get to share the connection so I could maybe look at using that as a temporary server of some kind?

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