Not another upgrade !!!

  john-232317 09:17 25 Oct 2003

Wow just clicked on this link from powerless in a post in helproom. click here

In comparison, if windows XP was a bungalow and the bungalow had as many alterations as XP, it would now be called an hotel....;-)

Do you think MS are selling their products too soon, and conning the buyers into doing MS,s developing ??

  Falkyrn 09:25 25 Oct 2003

Given the billions of variations of equipment upon which windows is expected to work if we were to wait until Microsoft has tested everything to everyones satisfaction we would still be waiting for ms dos version 1.

  Forum Editor 09:30 25 Oct 2003

it's a little unfair to suggest that Microsoft might be 'conning' anyone, or even selling their products too soon.

I've been a Microsoft beta tester for years now, and I can confirm that the company conducts exhaustive testing programmes on all its new products before launch. I've been testing the latest release of Microsoft Office for almost nine months now, and it isn't even a 'new' product. During the test the products are used by tens of thousands of people, and this is designed to simulate the way the product will be used in the market - but it can't hope to cover all the bases.

Microsoft software is used by millions of people - many of whom spend their lives trying to find flaws and security holes. An operating system contains tens of millions of lines of code, and has to interact with thousands of other programs and hardware devices, so it's almost inevitable that there'll be problems. If you add hackers to the mix - people who deliberately try to find and exploit tiny flaws in the code you'll begin to realise why we see so many fixes and updates.

Microsoft is pretty good at providing fixes and patches, once these flaws are revealed, and for my part I think we get a very good service on the Windows update site.

I'm testing a new version of that at the moment too, so we can expect to see some improvements in the way it works fairly soon.

  john-232317 14:06 25 Oct 2003

When i said "conning" it was in the phrase "conning the buyers into doing MS,s developing ??"

I understand what you are saying, but i still think it is easy to say... ok ship it out, dont worry about x y z, if there are any glitches they will soon let us know and we can sort it later.In the meantime we will have their money in the bank.

  The Spires 14:17 25 Oct 2003

If you keep up to date with MS patches and regard it as part of routine maintenance it's only takes a few mins a week. The other alternative is Open Source which also is upgraded, I think XP is a great product.

  john-232317 14:28 25 Oct 2003

I am still on 98, but it just seems an enormous amount of patches for one product.

  The Spires 14:38 25 Oct 2003

Most of the patches required are needed because wicked & evil people attempting to find holes in MS products. I have recently increased the security of my home at great cost, why because of the thieving gits outside who want to nick my gear. Does this mean that my house was badly built in 1937? No it was built well & was as secure as needed, what has happened is that the drug ridden idle people who want something for nothing use methods to steal my dosh & goods that were unheard of when my home was built. Hence the need for upgrades.

  R4 17:28 25 Oct 2003

All software products have a lot of updates/patches. Not because they were not tested but because it is nigh on impossible to cover every operation in every configuration and mode.

Look at Nero/Roxio there is an upgrade/patch nearly every week due to the complexity and number hardware variations they cover. The same for MS. Only the Bog standard systems are identical most systems are virtually 'One off's' once a user adds extra hardware/software.

  whybe 18:30 25 Oct 2003

Yes FE I'm on the right forum. But if you use cars as an analogy, the manufacturers are always doing tweaks and alterations to their models during its design life usually as a result of customer proving. These are incorporated in the latest batch but are not usually backwards fittable unless a safety issue. At least MS gives us the option to upgrade and for free at least until the next new 'sys' model.

  Diemmess 15:09 26 Oct 2003

In that dram world ---- That bungalow is no longer available. New houses are now huge mansions with so many mod cons installed. They don’t even cost any more than the original bungalow.

Unfortunately the double glaziers, kitchen and bathroom fitters to say nothing of the
electricians and gas men are all too busy dreaming up must-have doo-dahs which won’t fit the bungalow, and how many civil engineers does it take to understand the complexities of construction and repair? The service pipes, wiring, and security.

With security blocking some deliveries and the letter box and front lobby impassable with flyers and catalogues………

  john-232317 15:58 26 Oct 2003

Yeah but when you buy your new home, you dont expect to have to upgrade your kitchen etc the day you buy it, like you do when you buy MS stuff.

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