nortons anti-virus

  Time Traveller 11:07 11 Jun 2005

Although I pay my subscription, my version is no longer supported. Now when I undetake an update I get the following message:-> Norton AntiVirus Virus Definitions has 1 aborted update(s).
LU1848: Couldn't create callback object.

This only seems to have started since I switched to AOL Broadband...Any idea before I purchase an alternative Anti-virus package!

  DieSse 11:23 11 Jun 2005

"my version is no longer supported"

Then it's way past time you got a new version - the prtogram itsel has moved on (not just updated definitions.)

For somthing better, much faster, and lower system overheads - and where the annual fee includes not only virus updates but also program version updates NOD32 click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:37 11 Jun 2005

Or fro free here. Used by many forum members and I maintain a mailing list of 90 satisfied users....'nuff said


  anchor 12:54 11 Jun 2005

I have done a Google search and it seems this is not uncommon.

The suggestion is to Uninstall Norton AV, and then re-install the programme according to Norton`s instructions:

click here

  HXP 02:07 13 Jun 2005

Version 2005 available for @£15 which was cheaper than renewing subscription to 2004 !

click here

click here

Zone alarm security suite £9.99

click here

My 2005 legit copy unopened with licence ......


  Aspman 10:43 13 Jun 2005

I'm not a fan and I would suggest you go with GANDALFs <|:-)> suggestion of free AVG.

Norton is a resource hog and you may notice an increae in performance if you ditch it + no subscription with AVG.

I use Avast which is another free AV and I find it very good. I used to use AVG but I had some problems with it so switched to Avast.

  Totally-braindead 15:27 13 Jun 2005

Have to go with the others here. I left Norton at the beginning of the year and am now using AVG. The main reason was, it failed to catch a older virus and then wouldn't remove it. Now before anyone says anything that is not the reason I stopped using Norton as I'm sure this could happen with any anti virus program on the market. It was because of Symantics attitude to me. My Norton was 2003 and when I asked Norton for help even though I had paid the yearly subscription the said it wasn't their problem and they couldn't help as they no longer supported the 2003 version. The fee I paid was just to allow me to download the updates not for anything else. If I knew this at the time I'd never have paid the fee.

So I switched to AVG and after about 6 months of using it I can say I've had no problem with it and its FREE, you can't get better than that. Incidently you get daily anti virus updates with AVG, sometimes two a day whereas with Norton theres about one a week, so from my point of view the AVG should be more up to date than the Norton ever was.

  anchor 20:24 13 Jun 2005

Just to clarify the frequency of Norton updates. An update is available for download every single day from:

click here

"Live update" updates weekly, (late on Wednesday), unless there is a new outbreak.

  palinka 20:31 13 Jun 2005

Why pay for Norton when AVG is free and just as good - and a lot easier to understand as well. I've used it for several years and only usedv Norton for the 3 months that it came "free" on my new pc. Since then I wouldn't use Norton even as a gift.

  lucky1 20:44 13 Jun 2005

I note with interest your comments on Norton. I too have the 2003 version. Was totally unaware they no longer supported it! So much for the annual subscription! Anyone know if it's easy to uninstall?

  Totally-braindead 10:12 14 Jun 2005

lucky1 when I removed it I discovered part of it was still left behind and had to download a removal tool from Symantic to get rid of it, unfortunately I no longer have the link to the removal tool and its a nightmare to find, or so I found. Someone on this site gave me the address for it and perhaps they could do so again. As I said lucky1 I was unaware that they no longer supported it either and as I said when I queried it with them they informed me that paying the annual subscription just entitled me to download the virus definition updates. I felt this was very unfair, I'm not the only one to have this problem. Time Traveller appologies for temporarily hijacking your thread but you're in the same boat as a load of us and AVG is good as well as being free.

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