norton protection; like it or loath it?

  p;3 17:55 03 Jan 2007

there seem to be differing opinions as to the efficacy and usefullness of Norton and itc computer firendliness or not; all of my computers that have had norton on them have had it removed before installing a more suitable product; a computer I am at present involved with has had Norton put on it( and rapidly removed)

what are peoples views OF norton?

do you think it worth having or do you completely avoid it?

  Joe R 18:04 03 Jan 2007


have completely avoided it for years.

I think it says something, that on one A/V release, the only way to remove it from a system, was to use a download patch from the Norton website/

I just feel that it uses too much resources, for the job it does.

  jimv7 18:08 03 Jan 2007

I removed norton 2004 from a customers computer, installed and updated avg free, over 33,000 virus infected files later the computer had to have win me reinstalled.

Never again have I infected a computer with norton.

  p;3 18:13 03 Jan 2007

are you saying you put norton back on?

  Jimmy14 18:20 03 Jan 2007

"have had it removed before installing a more suitable product"

I can't think of anything more suitable than Norton Internet Security 2007 version. If you're saying that "AVG Free Edition" with no technical support, no ad or pop-up blockers, unefficent lacking integrity email/spam scanner, definition updates once a day if you're lucky when viruses are made by the minute. Do I need to go on?


Its funny how I use Norton and don't have any viruses on my computer but one of your customers used it and had 33,000. Very weird.

  p;3 18:25 03 Jan 2007

I was not comparing Norton with any other product;merely asking for comments on whether people like it or loath it, would use it or not

  citadel 18:40 03 Jan 2007

I have used it with no problems, no viruses on any pc, no slowdown of pc. I play modern games and leave av and firewall running with no problem.

  Totally-braindead 18:41 03 Jan 2007

I used to use it back in the 2002/2003 version days but I did have problems with it and subsequently would no longer use it.
Would not say I loath it, dislike it perhaps, in my opinion it incorporates itself so well into the computer it can be differcult to remove hence Symantec creating the removal tool.
If you have it and it works well for you and you like it then fine but I don't like it.

  smy13 19:55 03 Jan 2007

Have used both Norton and Mcafee and found them both to be excellent products that "do what it says on the tin" so to speak. I think anyone just getting into PCs can't go wrong with such easy to use and comprehensive packages. But as you learn more and become more confident about the your PC then they can seem a bit over bearing and over the top, so you start looking for products that are more stripped down, and leaner that will do the job just as well.

  nikef 20:31 03 Jan 2007

i have norton internet security 2007 on my laptop,its been on for nearly 3 months now,no problems

i also have norton security 2006 on my desktop pc,its been on about a week,no probs

so very pleases at the moment :o)

  Stuartli 20:33 03 Jan 2007

Removed NortonAV from a friend's system at the weekend - she was glad to see the back of it...:-)

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