Norton 360 Renew Subscription or Replace at Half Price

  OldRed 21:12 30 Oct 2012

Hi, I have installed Norton 360 Version 6. which was upto date 5 days ago when my subscription expired, to renew for another 12 months norton want £64.99 . I feel that I have been a loyal customer to Norton for some 10 years but there is little or no discount yet I can purchase online a new boxed Norton 360 2013 on disc for under £30.00 delivered. Would I have to un- install the original Norton 360 from all 3 PC's and lose all the passwords that have been saved within Norton Identity and then re-install the new Norton 360 2013 back onto all 3 computers and if so is there anything I should know before going ahead. It states online that the new Norton 360 2013 can be used to upgrade your subscription but Norton say no you have to un-install your previous version. Any help would be welcome.

  Forum Editor 22:48 30 Oct 2012

As far as I'm aware the older version will automatically be removed when you install Norton 360 2013, but your personal data will be retained.

I'll try to get clarification on this point direct from Norton, please bear with me for a day or so.

  OldRed 11:58 07 Nov 2012

Hi, Yes I can confirm that it's just a matter of loading the new Norton 360 2013 into your CD drive and click on install from the list, as I was already registered with Norton for previous products was asked to login and that then the disc automatically removed the old version and installed the new Norton 360 2013 . It needs a system restart and everything worked fine without losing any of my personal details or saved passwords, I have carried this out on both Vista and XP without any problems and hope this helps anyone with the same dilemma.

  xania 10:57 09 Nov 2012

Every year I renew my Norton Internet Security by buying a 3-licence version from Ebay (there are 3 PC's in my house). In fact, I can buy the same thing for just a few pounds more, but still far less than renewal on-line, from WH Smith's. salways, it pays to shop around.

My only concern is about your backups - 360 has an on-line backup and, if you are using this, you will need to make sure this is not affected.

On my version, re-installation is no installation necessary. If you open the Norton control panel, click on renew subscription and it will give you the option of entering your new product code which will simply give you your next full year. Don't worry about the different versions (years) as your updating process includes making sure you always run with the latest software version.

  Matt Egan 20:10 13 Nov 2012

Hi guys. I got a response from Norton:

“As you’re aware, Symantec offers internet security software to protect consumers’ internet enabled devices. The protection provided by our software is most effective when it is kept up-to-date with frequent updates and when there are no gaps in the subscription period, and to assist in that, Symantec offers its customers the ability to automatically renew their subscription. This automatic renewal program enables convenient subscription renewals and is designed to alleviate any concern that the customers’ devices are left unprotected following subscription expiration. Customers who are enrolled into the automatic renewal programme are given a number of notices and opportunities to discontinue their subscription prior to renewal. We offer our automatic renewal customers a standard billing rate of the then-current renewal subscription fee, which is typically a percentage marked down from the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

"We do suggest a recommended retail price (MSRP) but our retail partners and resellers are quite at liberty to set whatever price they see fit and as market conditions dictate. Now, whilst we have kept our MSRPs on our security products at the same level for some time, that certainly has not precluded a lot of promotional pricing being implemented retailers and resellers. This does mean, that at certain times, you can and will see very attractive promotions and pricing on Norton products which are different from the price offered at auto-renewal.”

  xania 22:50 13 Nov 2012

For 'different' read 'cheaper'

  onthelimit1 08:55 14 Nov 2012

Or uninstall it altogether, and use a freebie like a lot of us do!

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