Norton 360 Price Hike

  Tonsie 11:51 10 Dec 2009

I've just renewed my Norton 360.2 and was shocked
to see the cost is £65.The reason I renewed was
I found it more convenient to do so.My point is
the cost from other outlets much cheaper so much
for loyalty.I will not make the same mistake next
year.So can anyone suggest free alternatives to
Nortons package.All will be much appreciated.
Regards Tonsie.

  HondaMan 12:19 10 Dec 2009

It seems cheaper to buy new each year that to renew the licence. A store local to me is selling it at £29.99.

  Tonsie 12:30 10 Dec 2009

Yes Hondaman you are so correct, so loyalty counts
for nothing to the users of Norton.But I will not
make the same mistake again.

  Audio~~Chip 13:42 10 Dec 2009

Not a freebie product though. Something like Kaspersky does a excellent job and can be £18 from Amazon last time I looked.

You could submit a refund for norton online which is something they offer.

  Tonsie 14:07 10 Dec 2009

Yes Audio~~Chip Kaspersky was one I nearly installed last year but reviews favoured Norton
but we are always wise after the event.Your Norton refund sounds very interesting.
Many Thanks

  sunnystaines 15:25 10 Dec 2009

sounds a rip off,i like norton but would never pay over £30 for it.

always special offers on norton at novatech & pcworld or change brands.

  Tonsie 15:47 10 Dec 2009

You are correct sunnystaines thats what I was
thinking.I've emailed Norton asking for an
explanation of this renewal charge of £65.Infact
they offering this item much cheaper on the online
shop.It makes you wonder.
Thank You

  AL47 18:06 10 Dec 2009

freebies are the way to go, thats £xx saved every year and 0 problems!

free firewall and free AV.. with a couple of Spyware killers.. sorted

waste of money for anything else

  Tonsie 18:43 10 Dec 2009

Now AL47 your talking my kind of language.Will
you advise me of the named products you have in
mind.They will save me at least £65 per year.
Many Thanks

  AL47 19:29 10 Dec 2009

the popular ones on this forum seem to be

Anti virus...

AVG [didnt like]
Avast [what i like and use]

Commodo [far too user unfriendly]
Zone alarm [for me, by far the best out there, i wouldnt have installed windows 7 without it]

for spyware etc i use

  AL47 19:30 10 Dec 2009

there are others, but cannot remember them all

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