Norton IS 2007 V McAfee IS suite 9

  Jimmy14 14:53 16 Oct 2006

If anyone has received their December issue of the PC Advisor magazine then on Page 68 and 69 there is a full review of Nortons new Internet Security 2007 and McAfee's Internet Security 9.0. I will highlight some of the main points from the in-depth review which vary the programs to each other then reveal the overall winner by Jason Whittaker (Review editor)

All the Anti-Norton fans on here will be glad to here that even PC Advisor says that NIS 2007 is not a system resource hog and in other words a very improved program from previous ones. The review stresses that although people think previous versions of Norton could be overwhelming, the updated protection center offers a simplified interface with main features accessible from the main page and configuration options tucked away. It goes on to say that McAfees control panel is not so slick. Nortons enhanced "Smart Firewall" also gets the thumbs up. A really weird thing about the McAfee suite is that once you've installed it you then have to download the firewall object from their website but it says that they hope this requirment will be fixed when the major release is out. There is now a security bar being built into IE which will either be green for everything is ok and red when Norton detects a phishing site which is a very handy complexed tool. When it finds a phishing site it automatically blocks the user from entering it. McAfee provides several extras e.g Spamkiller and their new Data backup which you will know from the name you can back up all your data within your computer. McAfees virus scan is said to be alot slower than Norton anti-virus but it is simple and effective.

Conclusion: In the conclusion of the review it just says that both suites provide similair levels of protection against unwanted threats and are similairly priced at £50 each. If you want alot of extra features then you should consider McAfee but it will cost you more for the features however the installation of McAfee was needlessly complex, alot of features have to be downloaded and if you want the best for performance and core components the winner is,

Norton Internet Security 2007

NIS 2007 looks better also compared to the 2006 version and for anyone that hasn't seen a screenshot heres one,
click here

Following this review I am looking foward to upgrading to the 2007 version when my subscription is up for the 2006 version in December. Remember to have a read in the PC Advisor magazine on Pages 68 and 69.


  Woolwell 15:05 16 Oct 2006

I am not a fan of Norton and I know from previous posts that Jimmy14 is a real supporter of Norton. I am still of the opinion that previous Norton versions hogged resources as I have seen it happen.

However I am also disappointed with McAfee. See my previous thread:
click here

  Woolwell 15:06 16 Oct 2006

ps I didn't have to download the Firewall.

  anskyber 15:07 16 Oct 2006

Glad you like it.

  Jimmy14 15:18 16 Oct 2006

regarding you not having to download the firewall, this is maybe because you are not using the same version as the review editors of PC ADVISOR did. So I believe from the review, PC Advisor used an Advanced Review Copy from McAfee and then say that they hope the firewall issue I mentioned is fixed for the final release which is probably still meaning the advanced review copy and not the one you are using.

  sunny staines 15:33 16 Oct 2006

I have norton NIS 2005 got put off 2006 version due to rumours on the forum about its restricted 3 times you could install. [i often re install norton norton to fix problems, and often reformat the pc to clear sluggishness].

i am thinking of NIS 2007 but can only find adverse reports about installs going wrong, not found a user yet to praise it. mag reviews are not as good as those from a user as the reporter may only spend an hour flicking through it or testing it on a list of old test infections. where as a user runs the package in general usage.

  sunny staines 15:35 16 Oct 2006

still one of the few norton fans though.

  Jimmy14 22:58 16 Oct 2006

Just read from a Symantec rep on one of their news articles that if anyone has either Norton Internet Security 2006 or Norton Anti-virus 2006 with a valid product key then they are entitled to an upgrade to the 2007 versions of both and however many subscription days they have left on their 2006 products will cary on over to 2007. Very impressive and I have just finished installing NIS 2007. Here is the link,
click here


  Totally-braindead 00:45 17 Oct 2006

You like it and I hate it. Sorry I know you're a fan but I've seen too many problems caused by it over the years. If you have it and it works well for you then fine but nobody is ever going to convince me to install a Norton product again.

I do not advise people to delete it if they've just bought it and are having problems as you know Jimmy14 but I'm happy with my AVG free. You are obviously happy with your Norton. Variety is the spice of life they say.

  nikef 22:58 21 Oct 2006

silly me,i downloaded norton 2007

i thought i had full copy of norton 2006

but i did not,it was only a trial one for 50 days

so when,installing 2007,it removed my 2006

so i only get 15days free trial 2007

i do have a new coy of 2006 awaiting to be put on my laptop

what i need to know how easy it would be to remove 2007 when the 15days is up

  Jimmy14 23:03 21 Oct 2006

remove it the normal way through add/remove programs and if you are having problems, use the norton removal tool from here,
click here


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