Nokia 6300 users?

  Grambo 22:43 11 Apr 2007

Are you happy with it or is it heading for the bin

  drbeeching 12:22 12 Apr 2007

My Sister has one & is happy with it.

  smy13 20:41 14 Apr 2007

Love it, Fed up of flips, clamshells & sliders, great to get back to a simple robust easy to use phone

  J B 20:59 14 Apr 2007

I used to have a Nokia 6230i but gave it to the wife as hers was on it's last legs, now have a sony ericsson k750i. I too like a straight phone, no flips or slides for me. I think I will have a look at the 6300. J.B.

  exdragon 22:23 14 Apr 2007

I've got one, it's lovely, solid, neat and I had hours of endless fun (get a life!) the other day following a link in this forum - it gave 4 pages of information about it and how it could be personalised. No cheap plastic bits which look as if they'll snap off, either.

All the reviews I've read have been really glowing.

  Grambo 19:40 17 Apr 2007

thanks for the feedback. Always had nokias so will probably upgrade to 6300 in a couple of weeks

Exdragon..........are you going to share the link you mentioned lol

  exdragon 21:59 17 Apr 2007

click here

This is it, posted in reply to FE's request for information about a new phone for his wife (seems like quite a good exchamge!!)

Sorry, FE.

  exdragon 16:14 18 Apr 2007

Further to my previous post: I've just taken my 6300 back to O2 to ask about the battery life. Personally, I would have thought 13 calls made in 21 days, no use of camera, mp3 or radio (my contract doesn't permit it) and 2 text messages wouldn't have drained the battery from full charge yesterday to three quarters empty this morning.

I was slightly (ok - distinctly) patronised by the youth in the shop, who said the 14 days battery life claimed was rubbish - even if halved, that's more than 24 hours. He also said if I lived in a low signal area, it'd drain quicker (I don't, I have a full strength signal) and if I moved it about, it would also have a detrimental effect. And there was me thinking it was a mobile...

The Nokia forum seems to be divided between letting it discharge completely, then charging it overnight or alterntatively topping it up little and often.

Just something to bear in mind if anyone is thinking about getting one. It's still a lovely bit of kit, though!

  Grambo 08:41 19 Apr 2007

Sorry to hear you have problems with the phone. That does sound like poor performance. Would be using mine on orange....good signal where i am so not sure if that makes a difference. Not a huge user as such anyway (not infering you are either lol) so will probably take the plunge and keep you posted, thanks for feedback

  exdragon 15:35 19 Apr 2007

I'll be interested to see what you think - the chap in the shop did say I should try an empty/full charge again and see what happens. Probably hoping I go back when he's not on duty!

Oh, and to add insult to injury, when the upgrade was processed, it triggered another annual charge of £106 + vat on my bill. And, when told I could have 33 cross network minutes as an O2 treat, they were processed as 30 texts...

The customer advisors at O2 are lovely, but they rarely seem to do what they agreed. No faults with courtesy, though! lol.

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