NOD32 - Worth paying for ?

  WhiteViper 08:51 14 Dec 2005

I'm currently using AVAST as my AV program, but from the glowing reports on this forum and others, NOD32 seems to be the best AV available.

So, is it actually worth paying for NOD32, or are the differences between it and the better free programs (AVAST, AVG etc) so small that it's best just sticking with the freebies ?

  jimv7 10:02 14 Dec 2005

A few months ago i experienced an error with a bad update from avg which took avg offline, it was eventually sorted by grisoft, however, i tried avast and it was ok but much slower than avg, next to be tried was nod32, 30 day free trial, it is fast, and found 8 virus's that avg and avast had missed, needless to say nod is still on my puter and it just works great.

  Belatucadrus 11:27 14 Dec 2005

As always this is going to be an opinion, but I've never had any problems with avast! and I do occasionally double check with Trend or Panda online scans. So IMHO for a nonprofit home user, avast!, AVG or Antivir are fine. If I needed to pay for a license for commercial use, I'd probably use NOD32, but avast! pro would also be on my shortlist, unlike Norton or Mcafee.

  sharkfin 13:21 14 Dec 2005

You can download a 30day trial of nod32 for yourself and see how you feel about it. Personally, I tried it last month and I found it difficult to use and the scan weren't able to scan some of my paritions for some reason. I went back to Avast which is to me, hassle free and the best for a home user.

  ventanas 13:35 14 Dec 2005

Worth every penny, and it's not many of them for its capabilities.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:38 14 Dec 2005

I have used AVG for over 3 years now and it has never let a virus through. I run a mailout list of over 100 AVG users who have never had a virus. Lab tests are totally unrealistic and I would rather take note of over a hundred satisfied users in the real world.

There is no need for home users to pay for an AV, just because you pay does not mean it is better...apart from in some lab tests.


  IPA 15:10 14 Dec 2005

I downloaded and installed NOD32 today . The whole thing took under an hour and was quite painless and very easy to set up. I also use Zone Alarm free firewall and they seem to be working together ok. So, at the moment it all looks good !

  DieSse 17:49 14 Dec 2005

*Lab tests are totally unrealistic and I would rather take note of over a hundred satisfied users in the real world.

Users opinions are totally unrealistic, and I would rather take note of good lab tests using real world viruses.

Why - well

1) Users (me included) only ever get sent a small fraction of the viruses that are floating around - lab tests at least test with a much larger percentage of them.

2) Lab tests can be run to see how good the heurustic protection is against unknown viruses - and you see an enormous difference in how well different packages cope (NOD one of the very best, AVG one of the very worst - and by huge margins)

3) There are other factors such as speed of scanning, system overhead, ease and frequency of updating to take into account - where NOD scores top also.

I agree that just because you pay doesn't mean it's better in all cases - but in the case of NOD it has been actually measured to be better in more ways than just basic virus protection.. Simply stating lab test are unrealistic is a nonsense.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:28 14 Dec 2005

I prefer to take note of one hundred real users rather than 'lab' tests which miraculously, seem to vary from company to company/shock, horror/. This is being realistic.


  DieSse 22:28 14 Dec 2005

How many of your 100 users have run any comparative timing tests and system loading tests please?

How many of your 100 users have done comparative heuristic tests for how well their product detects unknown viruses please?

  DieSse 22:32 14 Dec 2005

Personally I prefer users to be using any half-way decent AV program rather than none.

I also think user experiences are useful too.

However IMHO to simply write off testing done (in some cases) by very professional independant bodies as unrealistic, is flying in the face of reason.

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