NOCHEX scam ???

  TBH1 09:44 17 Mar 2003

Apologies if this has appeared before over the weekend; haven't had time to check the board yet.
Had an email supposedly from NOCHEX this morning stating :-
"NOCHEX is currently performing regular maintenance of our security measures. Your account has been randomly selected for this maintenance, and placed on Limited Access status. Protecting the security of your NOCHEX account is our primary concern, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. To restore your account to its regular status, you must confirm your email address by logging in to your NOCHEX account using the form below."
It then requests my bank details - - -now I know this must be a scam, and ordinarily would just bin it but have decided to try and take this further and report this - - - -but to who ?

  €dstow 10:42 17 Mar 2003

Use the contact us (bottom right) at click here


  TBH1 10:56 17 Mar 2003

€d - - have done this but am a little worried that they will just confirm its a scam and brush under the carpet. This is a very clever email - -it does look genuine and people not so 'on the ball' may fall for this and lose a lot of money.

  €dstow 11:01 17 Mar 2003

I'm sure that a reputable company like Nochex will do everything they can to protect their name. I doubt there will be any sweeping under the carpet - they could easily lose their FSA & HMCE licenses as a financial institution.


  Forum Editor 14:09 17 Mar 2003

This is a well-known scam, and all third-party payment processors have had similar scams operated in their name. PayPal issue a very clear warning about such scams to all registered users when they sign up, and I'm sure that NOCHEX will have received thousands of reports from people who have had exactly the same email as yourself.

As you say, some people will be fooled by the email - it happens with every scam - but preventing such crime is easier said than done.

  SPW 15:24 17 Mar 2003

run a whois search using the IP from the email you received and at least report the abuse to the ISP.

  Stuartli 09:27 18 Mar 2003

I've had this e-mail this morning.

As I have never had an account with Nochex I have sent a copy to Tiscali's abuse department - normally this involves sending copies of numerous porn e-mails...:-)

The way to do this without opening the e-mail is to never have the Preview Panel enabled (in Outlook Express).

By highlighting the suspect e-mail line and then clicking Properties the header is listed. Then click on Message Source, highlight all the text and copy the entire message before pasting it into an e-mail message panel.

Close down the e-mail being copied using Cancel twice and delete it using the Delete button at the top of the window (the message will still be highlighted).

The copy can then be sent to your ISP.

  TBH1 10:14 18 Mar 2003

was about to ask how these people knew I had a NOCHEX account but I think Stuartli has just answered that. I Informed NOCHEX of the situation - - -then 1 hour later got an email from NOCHEX, a genuine one this time, advising all account holders of the possibility of fraud and re-emphasizing the need for vigilance.
Advised the Metropolitan Police, via there web site, of this email - am still waiting. Gonna tick this as resolved, though feel this type of thing will never be. Thanks to all for input.

  €dstow 08:31 19 Mar 2003
  TBH1 12:45 19 Mar 2003

had another response from NOCHEX yesterday stating that they were working very closely with New Scotland Yard and would I be willing to help if required , by sending on my original email - - - too bloody right I would be. So, if I'm helping the police with their enquiries, will I need a solicitor ?????? ;-)

  SPW 17:11 20 Mar 2003


I doubt it.. when they say working closely with you might find that someone in their company told the local parking ticket attendant.. fact is there isnt a lot they can do but send them threatening letters and try to get them to stop it volutarily, usually the publicity will be enough to get them scared and stop...

unless things have changed in the last 6 months but this used to be my job, no science to it, just get them to stop wasting everyones time. and its a good outcome.

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