no signal is being recieved

  fatn40 10:50 11 Aug 2007

for about 2 months there has been scafholding around my flat which blocked my sky dish signal.
this morning they started removing it which was a relief and i checked to see if the signal was ok and it was.
whilst i was washing up in my kitchen i noticed one of the wooden slighly moved my sky dish as they were removing the scafholding poles.
so i rushed into my bedroom and switched on my tv and sky box...and guess what?

the signal had gone : (
i asked one of the work men to slightly moved the dish which he did but still no signal.
ive given up hope now and i'm wondering would i be able to my my local housing association pay to have my sky dish reset?
at this moment i feel so annoyed
after all this time i was un able to watch sky and then i finally get the chance and the signal goes because the dish was moved slightly.
im not working at the moment so i certainly couldnt afford to call out a engineer.
if anything, i think i'll have to save a £100 if i can and then give sky a call and see if they will send someone out.
btw, i ended my subscription to sky in april 2005 so would they send someone out to reset the dish?
oh well, in the meantime i'll have to make use of my vast video collection.

  spuds 11:08 11 Aug 2007

If the housing association was involved with having the scaffold installed, possibly due to work on their property, then get in touch with them, it could well be their responsibility to resolve the issue.

A slight word of warning. Some housing associations do not like satellite dish's installed without their permission, so be a little wary how you approach the subject, especially if there are rules and conditions about this.

Sky or any other installation company will not provide free services, especially if any subscription or warranty as ceased, more so if its something or someone else's fault.

  DieSse 18:14 11 Aug 2007

My simple logic tells me that whoever knocked your dish should arrange to have it realigned. So why not go to the company who knocked it?

  fatn40 19:36 11 Aug 2007

i phoned up sky customer services this morning and asked how much it would cost to send out an engineer to realign my sky dish?
i was told it would cost £65.

what i should have asked is if that is just to get the engineer out or does that include any minor work that needs doing?

and yes i will get on to my local housing association about my dish being moved.
its funny because the day the scaffholding was being put up, my dish was moved but only slightly
i immediatly asked the workman to please be careful(knowing how the slightest knock would lose the signal)
anyway he didnt take it very well...he sort of looked at me as if to say 'dont tell me what to do'.
i still feel so upset after what happened.
i was looking forward to getting into bed and going through the free to air channels.
i even set up some stuff to record tommorow....cant do it now.
has this sort of accident happened to anyone else?
if so how did you go about getting a result?

  nick2308 20:09 11 Aug 2007

Yes, I had workmen knock my dish out of alignment, I got my ladder out and re-pointed my dish. It only took 5 minutes, moving the dish very slowly.

  DieSse 00:32 12 Aug 2007

"i will get on to my local housing association about my dish being moved."

I don't really understand that - they didn't move it.

Why not call the company that actually knocked it out of alignment. I expect they insure themselves against such things anyway, so I can't see why they wouldn't be happy to get it fixed.

  fatn40 11:26 12 Aug 2007

i spent a considerable amount of time yesterday trying to realign my sky disn but without success.
at one point i did manage to pick up a slight signal but it died after a minute or so.
i'm intending to phone my local housing association tommorow to tell them what happened and find out if they will do something to help reslove this problem.

i cant help feeling that they will let me down, but i will try either way.
i dont want to spend £65 quid just for someone to re position my sky dish.
plus there is a chance it will cost me more than £65.
i have a feeling that is just to get someone out, then the actual charge for any labour is added on top.
perhaps i'm wrong?
can anyone confirm my persumption?

  spuds 12:28 12 Aug 2007

To find the actual cost of resolving the issue, can only be obtained from a professional company, who may possibly charge a call-out fee plus additional charges.

It could be a case that there is something more than a moved disk involved, perhaps damage or wear and tear to the LNB unit or cable etc, that's why the signal failed after you made an attempt to correct the problem.You may have to consider this in your future actions.

Personally I would do what I have already suggested. Get in touch with your housing association, and see if they can resolve the issue, especially if they arranged for the erection of the scaffold on their property in the first place. Trying to communicate with a scaffold company direct is not an easy task, if you want them to get involved in doing any remedial or correction repairs. I think you may have realised this, on your contact with the scaffolder's, when the problem was first noticed. "Not our responsibility" is usually their answer, so best to leave it to the person or people who had the scaffolding put up in the first place.

I had a chimney repair completed about a year ago, and the first thing the builders made very clear was that they would not be held responsible if the alignment of the rooftop ariel was incorrect after the job was completed.Fortunately I was on-hand on the day of completion, and everything turned out fine.

  fatn40 20:27 12 Aug 2007

hi spuds,
thanks for your advice.
i will bear them in mind when i approach my housing association.
and yes you was right about the workmen's attitude.
his response was at first, well it only moved a little bit!
little did he know that the littlest movement will cause a deterioration of the signal.
one workman asked his mate for a ladder and promptly shoved the dish way out of position,saying that he had fixed his mum's dish!
dont get me wrong, i appreciated his effort to help but unfortunatly i think it just made it worse.
i have a funny feeling i'm gonna be looking at spending a few quid to get it fixed.
because ive noticed too that the set top box takes a long time to respond when i press the remote control button.
but i think i can live with that!
anyway i'll see how it goes.

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