No reply from Saverstore

  AnAngryOne 20:51 15 Oct 2007

I bought a hard disk which doesn't work. I want to return it and get the money back because I has to buy a hard disk elsewhere to finish the project. I made a complaint via the saverstore web form, no reply. I tried the contact form, no reply either. Anybody with a similar or a better experience?

  STREETWORK 21:24 15 Oct 2007

You could phone them, The telephone number is 0871 855 3009...

  Stuartli 15:16 17 Oct 2007

Savastore should first be given the opportunity to replace the claimed faulty hard drive.

What type of project has to be finished that requires a new hard drive - a new system?

  AnAngryOne 08:05 18 Oct 2007

Fair point, of course I accept replacement. This thread is not about replacement or refund, it's about not replying to customer enquiries. And everything said above doesn't explain nor excuse that Saverstore doesn't reply. They have their own definition of customer care: they don't care if something went wrong.

  spuds 10:56 18 Oct 2007

Did you try the telephone number given by Streetwork. If so, it would be interesting on how you got on with dealing direct with a human being.

  AnAngryOne 11:36 18 Oct 2007

Yes, I TRIED to phone several times but there are no human beeings.

"press 1 for private sales" --> music ... music ... music ....... (10 minutes later) ........ music

That didn't work. When I like to listen to music I download from iTunes.

  xania 12:30 18 Oct 2007

Looks like they're up to their old tricks then. I don't know if they still operate their store, but the last time I had problems I solved them with a personal visit.

  AnAngryOne 13:29 18 Oct 2007

Interesting, I'm obviously not the only one having problems. We are talking about an "internet shop". Internet means web and email. Orders work, they phone back within hours on the same day, money is taken off your account immediately. On the other hand returns and refunds make problems. This is not an acceptable business model. No recommendation for Saverstore, seems that the PC shop round the corner is finally the better choice.

  xania 15:41 18 Oct 2007

Not necessarily, as many users of Ebay, including me, will testify. Savastore, however, do have a long bad record which I had hoped their recent buy-out would have rectified, but sadly this is not the case.

  prima12 19:21 18 Oct 2007

When I contacted Saverstore about re-opening the shop I was told that had no intention of re-opening it. P.

  Doc.t 10:28 19 Oct 2007

From my experience it would appear Saverstore have a policy not to talk to a customer when things go wrong, and I for one will never do business with them again

At end September I too bought a HD from Saverstore. It was DOA (ok, so it can happen, but it is the absence of reasonable communication and customer service then to correct matters that is the issue)

I tried to call – they only take calls for sales.
I tried to email – their server is set up automatically to reject email.

The only means of contact was via a form (1000 character limit) on their website. I did get a reply but their Ektaa Pithawa wanted me to pay to return a drive which they had supplied not working; by definition not what I had ordered nor “of merchantable quality”. I objected (still by website form). I felt I should not have to pay extra to resolve a problem in which I had no part.

Had a two way conversation been possible with a reasonable supplier it should have been possible to resolve this. As it was (by the web form which requires entry of your tel no) I repeatedly asked Saverstore to ring me given they had set up matters such that I could not ring them. Repeatedly they failed to ring and repeatedly failed to reply to the web form.

I now have a working HD but only by going to Seagate warranty support (having explained the circumstances Seagate paid for the return of the faulty drive).

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