No reply from pchomehelp+

  JohnDJasper 11:56 02 Sep 2009

I might be a mug but I registered as helper with these people on 21 Aug 09 and haven't heard a peep from them! So far, I haven't found a telephone number so will continue to email in hope.

Please let me know if you have had any contact with them at all.


  anchor 12:12 02 Sep 2009

Never heard of them; is this the organisation?;

click here

phone number on the site

  papa lazarous 13:02 02 Sep 2009

Yes, who are they. Please post a bit more info on the situation.

  JohnDJasper 19:26 02 Sep 2009

Apologies for not specifying more detail. Yes, the "click here" link above is the right place (click here) and the website is allegedly used to link people needing IT help with helpers and was mentioned on this site back in 2007 although only by members wondering what they're about.

Either they've closed shop but forgot to shut the door or something fishy is afoot!

  Forum Editor 00:26 03 Sep 2009

to be told that there are 54 registered helpers within half a mile of my postcode.

If I was one of 54 people in that small an area I might feel that jobs would come once in a blue moon.

  daz60 18:27 17 May 2011

Some research, link text

link text

link text There is a link to an e-mail address on your link,maybe an companies house search will help.

  daz60 18:45 17 May 2011

Some more research, Google the company registration no 05611347.

  morddwyd 19:32 17 May 2011

Yet another Lazarus thread.

Oh, for the original posting date so that we can identify these resurrected old threads.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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