No reply to e-mails

  ray27 08:03 27 May 2004

Am I on my own on this one or has anyone else had the same problem?

It seems no matter who I e-mail with a question, the latest ones are Ahead Nero and BT, I never seem to get a reply.

The latest one to BT was an enquiry as to how long I would have to wait to be reconnected by them as I wanted to go back to them.

The sites always have a "contact" option but what's the use if they don’t take the trouble to answer.

Its very frustrating, to put it politely,


  rickf 08:13 27 May 2004

Common prob. It seems that email support from online retailers has become a euphemism for ignoring the problem. They seem to use this as a screen to hide behind.

  spuds 10:59 27 May 2004

The contact button can lead to all sorts of mysteries, from non reply to within a hour or so.I think it was mentioned on the forum once, that one person stated that his company was so far behind with their email, that most of it got dumped.Not a very nice thing.

I send a number of emails to far away places, especially South America, and they all arrive and are aknowledged within hours. Try sending a letter via Royal Mail, and in most cases it never arrives. The same applies with mail coming the opposite way.Fax or Email everytime for me.

  €dstowe 11:17 27 May 2004

I use msgtag which sends me an indicator email when the recipient has opened an email I have sent.

Yesterday I has a msgtag back for an email I couldn't remember sending. On checking, I found out that it was 377 days 6 hours and some minutes ago that I sent it. It was important at the time but, I just gave up with it. The company involved lost a good potential work contract because of that.

Some people have no sense of urgency at all!!


  ray27 11:20 27 May 2004

I have been thinking about using the fax option
I am on broadband and I have disconected the telephone socket as NTL use a different line for broadband.
Will fax work this way?
I know I will have to install fax via add/remove windows components but would I have to connect back up to the telephone line?

  €dstowe 11:27 27 May 2004

Yes, you will have to reconnect your analogue phone line to send faxes yourself. There are fax sending services that you can use on broadband but that just inrroduces extra problems into the chain of happenings.

I'm surprised at BT not responding - they are normally very anxious to get customers back - if only to bolster their TV advertising about it.

  Sir Radfordin 11:28 27 May 2004

It is worth remembering that email was not originally designed for instant communication. It is poor business practice that has developed a culture that means there is an expection to get a reply to an email instantly. If you want that 'instant' respone then make a phone call and get it.

The reason sites have 'contact us' options for email is because of customer demand and not because it is in anyway sensible to do so.

Very generally speaking there is a poor understanding of the use of email within business and it is not being used as a communication tool in the correct way. The longer this misunderstanding goes on the longer the greater the frustration will become.

Having written a 10,000 word dissertaion on the subject I believe I have a good understanding of the situation ;)

As to your second question, you will need to use your normal 'dial up' modem to send a fax over the 'normal' telephone.

Still say pick up the phone and ring 'em.

  €dstowe 12:25 27 May 2004

The 377 day email I referred to was a draft contract for a fairly lucrative commision. I could only assume at the time that the company it was addressed to didn't need any new business.


  Sir Radfordin 12:45 27 May 2004

There could be any number of reasons for the 377 day lapse - I don't think any message tagging system is 100% reliable. I assume you wouldn't have been getting anything out of the deal since common sense would've been reason enough for you to follow this up earlier.

Emails so easily get lost in the system and you forget what you have to do. I've got 45 emails classed as "needing action" at the moment. At the start of the week is was over 100. I've got work to do as well as reply to emails so they get left until I have time. Like many others I tend to work on the basis that if something is urgent and needs a response then someone will contact me until it is done. Again, a failing in the way society has developed.

  €dstowe 14:07 27 May 2004

It was a contract tender. As they didn't respond, I went somewhere else. It was worth a few thousand which would have been of interest to a two man company - which they were. If it was msgtag, it's the first time it's let me down like that.

Anyway, we are straying from ray27's thread.

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