No Refund Without Original Buyer Being There

  kinger 20:18 29 Dec 2006

After making a purchase of a computer gadget from Argos for someone at Christmas, I needed to return it to the store.

Under their 16 day full money back guarantee for un-opened goods I sent a friend back, with the receipt, for my money back.

But, as they didn't have my credit card, they could only give my friend VOUCHERS.

Surely they could refund it to any credit or debit card as this has been done, elsewhere, for me before (I think it was PC World).

Can anyone clarify if this procedure was correct?

  grumpygramp 20:56 29 Dec 2006

It could have been stolen from your house along with the receipt. by paying the refund directly back to your Account they are sure that YOU get it not a thief.Ackward I know but they are covering themselves.

  kinger 21:03 29 Dec 2006

Thanks grumpygramp, I don't particularly mind vouchers but I wasn't sure if their policy was a nationwide thing or just a fed up assistant.

  josie mayhem 21:20 29 Dec 2006

I think you might have got the wrong end of the stick, argos gave vouchers instead of refunding back to the credit card...

I think the reason is that not all your credit card details are printed on the receipt for security reasons. So they need to have the original card so that they can enter the missing details from the receipt to transfer the cash back.

In many respects it lucky that they were willing to give vouchers instead, could have refused to deal with the issue completely due to giving away money to a inposter...

I had a similar problem with currys hubby had brought a product that I had to return for a refund, problems were because hubby had paid using his debit card for joint account, they at first told me that they couldn't return the refund using my debit card for the same account.

Resloved the issuse after speaking to the manager explaining that to get my husband card i would have to travel a fair distance to his work, as they had miss sold the product (telling him that it could do something it couldn't) I had already put myself out to return the product costing time and petrol and would he pay my traverling cost if I got the card, which at the end of the day had the same details on with the exception of names. So they tried it and it worked thankfully...

  spuds 21:25 29 Dec 2006

Argos are one of the few remaining companies that still except signatures for card purchases.To give a refund on a credit card, they will need the original card to activate a refund to the account. Vouchers were the easy solution to resolve the issue with speedy response, and I would regard their action as being very customer friendly, and not a fed up assistant.

Some companies will not give a refund or replacement, except to the original purchaser. The same could apply to a warranty under UK consumer law, but again, Argos seem to offer an extended advantage on this score to their customers.

  Stuartli 23:52 29 Dec 2006

I cannot work out how PC World would refund any sum to, as you state, "any credit or debit card."

Refunds can only be made to the original credit or debit account.

  ajm 00:01 30 Dec 2006

"Surely they could refund it to any credit or debit card as this has been done, elsewhere, for me before ( I think it was PC World)"

PC World, and for that matter DSG, have a system whereby if a refund is to be done and the original payment was by credit/debit card, then the refund will automatically go to that card. There is no need to swipe the original card to iniitate the refund, unless the central system is down.

  [email protected] 00:02 30 Dec 2006

"Refunds can only be made to the original credit or debit account".

Is that a law or just a policy applied by most retailers? My father who lives in Spain bought me something I while ago from Office World which my mother returned for a refund. The lady serving her refunded it to her card (completely different accounts) but informed her that she wasn't really supposed to do that.

Where I work, there is nothing physically stopping us refunding any card but most refunds we do are given back as cash regardless of how payment was made unless the customer specifically requests it to be made to their card.

  ajm 00:03 30 Dec 2006

furthe addition to the above post: " retailers incur a charge for each card transcation and a refund
would wholly or partially reverse this charge "

hence the payment should be processed back to the original card from which the transaction occured

  colberly 12:58 30 Dec 2006

My OH has just returned an electric shaver to Boots which I purchased with my credit card, they have credited the refund to his A/C which is completely different. So I think it maybe a stores 'choice' of policy.

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