No Refund

  jaraba 17:37 28 Jul 2010

I purchase a ps2 female to usb male connector to try & make use of an old keyboard.
This was explained to the assitant who actually picked up the item & handed it to me.
It didn't work so I took it back for a refund & although I had the receipt & the packaging was undamagd & didn't look as if it had been opened I was refused a refund on the gounds that I had use it.
I emailed the company & I am still getting the same answer but no answer to my question as how an item can be found incomapatble without open it & using it.
Doubt if I am going to get my money back but just thought I would advise everyone that if they get in s similar situation tell the shop the item didn't work becaus that is the 1st thing they asked me & foolishly, I now realise, I told them the truth that the item was incompatable.

  Forum Editor 18:25 28 Jul 2010

to the retailer, and you were sold something with the assurance that it would do the job, and it doesn't, you are entitled to a full refund.

You can't tell if something isn't going to work unless you try it, and the retailer may not refuse a refund on the basis that you've opened the pack.

  spuds 21:54 28 Jul 2010

How much did you pay for the item. I purchased a ps2 male to usb female for about 98p not all that long ago.

In fact I purchased two, so as to keep one as a spare.

Try CPC or Ebuyer for prices, before you go elsewhere.

  jaraba 23:20 28 Jul 2010

I bought the opposite to you.
PS2 Female to USB Male.
Cost a lot more than yours because I bought it in a shop. Didn't even think of looking online as I was in the shop browsing & asked if they had something to do what I wanted.

  ronalddonald 07:21 29 Jul 2010

which retailer was this,

  jaraba 09:36 29 Jul 2010

Sorry don't want to say as I have had good service from them up to now.
You probably realise what one bad review/comment can do.

  jaraba 17:05 29 Jul 2010

Told them this in the shop & twice via email to their customer services & they still say its on the receipt that they don't refund if the package is opened. Which it is.

  tullie 17:41 29 Jul 2010

The retailer appears to be wrong.What if it was a computer,you set it up and find it doesent work.The retailer cant say the package has been opened,and wash their hands of it.

  lotvic 20:38 29 Jul 2010

In what way was the ps2 female to usb male connector incompatible?

  tullie 20:51 29 Jul 2010

Good question,maybe the keyboard is duff.

  Forum Editor 22:55 29 Jul 2010

the law is quite clear - if you explained that you wanted a component for s specific purpose, and the shop sold you something that doesn't work, you are entitled to receive a full refund.

Tell the shop what I have said.

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