no reciept given !

  rupie 23:43 03 Aug 2004

went into well known pc retailer the other day. Only went in because I had time to kill. Will not mention the name. I only buy things from there in an emergency for work if I have to. This occasion the lady on the till would not give me a VAT reciept for my purchase with out me giving my name and address " for marketing". I refused, due to junk mail, and she could only give me a non VAT one. Is this breaking the law ??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:10 04 Aug 2004

Give a false address then.....


  rupie 00:16 04 Aug 2004

This realy anwsers my problem... Did you read the question????????

  spuds 15:01 04 Aug 2004

PC World and new computer system.Marketing for business users :o(

  davidg_richmond 15:58 04 Aug 2004

Just ask the cashier to input the store's address, they are not breaking the law as it is up to them if they want to ask for these details. On the old system there was an option for 'no mail', but as I have not used the new one I do not know if this has been included.

The non-VAT receipt has a VAT number on the bottom if this is any use to you.

ps. the only time your address needs to be taken by law is when you buy something with a TV tuner inside, such as a TV or video, as these details are then used to see if you are on the sly with the TV licence.

  wee eddie 17:45 04 Aug 2004

A VAT Invoice is required to to have the details of both parties on it, as well as the amount of VAT included.

Technically HM Customs & Excise are able to reject a simple till receipt, for the purpose of the reclamation of VAT, if they wish.

  TBH1 23:33 04 Aug 2004

yes, but as rupie sez, are they breaking the law by refusing to give him a VAT receipt ??

  Forum Editor 01:22 05 Aug 2004

for a retailer to include the address of a customer on a VAT receipt - or said retailer to even know the customer's name.

There is a requirement that you be provided with a VAT receipt if you ask for one however, and this must include the name and VAT number of the person or company issuing the receipt.
This is distinct from the requirement for a VAT invoice to show the name and address of both parties to the transaction.

  davidg_richmond 12:40 05 Aug 2004

You can go back and ask them for a manual VAT receipt if you wish, just take in your original receipt and request that your details not be taken.

  Stuartli 13:48 05 Aug 2004

Worth writing to the said outlet's HQ and letting those responsible what has happened - I'm sure they would wish to correct the situation immediately and inform employees of the proper procedure.

I don't know the official stance - the FE will be aware because of his employment - but I do know, for instance, that when I buy petrol at Tesco I am always asked if I would like a VAT receipt.

In my case I refuse one as it is not required and accept the standard receipt.

  rupie 14:22 05 Aug 2004

The shop was offering me a reciept, without any arguement, but not a VAT one. This is the core of the issue. If I ask specifically for a VAT reciept should they issue one ??

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