NO PSU in New Mesh Compute!!!

  NoPSU 20:31 01 Dec 2006

Get home from work to find my Wife took delivery of my £2000 brand new Mesh PC sitting in it's box ready to be used. So i un-box everything and set everything up. Except my PC is missing 1 major part, can you guess what it is?

No PSU! How the hell do these cretins think i can use it!!! Seems everyone at Mesh Computers go home at 6pm so i have no way of sorting this out & to cap it all i'm away on business next week.

Are Mesh Computers the biggest idiots in the PC world? Did no one check it? Or has this one PC passed by the quality control that Mesh have in place.

To say i'm a tad peed off is an under statement i really cant say how f***ed off i am. So £2k on a PC that cant work. Any thoughts or help or even the CEO's/MD's home number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  The Brigadier 20:40 01 Dec 2006

Sorry to that NoPSU i suggest you try to ring them 1st thing Monday if you can, either that or the FE here may be able to use his contacts to help you.

  Probabilitydrive 20:44 01 Dec 2006

I'm sorry to here about your experience.There seem to be no easy answer when dealing with shortcomings like you experienced and with certain companies in particular.

I advice not to overreact as -time and time- again this has shown not to work whatsoever, especially when trying to resolve an urgent issue.

Mesh woes are many and varied here and I would suggest (before you act) to look through a few threads click here

as to extract vital advice, what helped others. As far as I remember a pretty good and competent guy -whose e-mail address you'll find in those threads called Davey or Dave.

Stay calm and collected cause a missing PSU is just a blib in ones' happy life ;-)

  Probabilitydrive 20:46 01 Dec 2006

sorry try again click here

  Probabilitydrive 20:50 01 Dec 2006

apologies search manually for >mesh>consumerwatch and follow a few threads

  phoenix198 21:02 01 Dec 2006

This has to be a first! How can you possibly release a PC for delivery without a PSU? Somewehat blows a hole in any claim Mesh may make about doing a 'burn in' after assembly, doesn't it?

Sage advice from Probabilitydrive - 'Davey' has a good track record and is the man to get this resolved quickly.

In the meantime, lift your telephone off its cradle, dial the Mesh customer support line, as soon as it answers break the connection but keep telephone to your ear. Now shout, holler and roar invective, curse, swear and scream for at least five minutes.

It will achieve precisely nothing other than getting all that frustration out of your head so that you can follow Probabilitydrive's advice calmly and coolly on Monday morning.

Good luck

  Al94 21:11 01 Dec 2006

This is so unbelievable I'm tempted to think it might be a wind up?

If it's not a wind up it makes a mockery of Mesh's *Testing Proceedures*

  spuds 23:38 01 Dec 2006
  Stuartli 00:02 02 Dec 2006

If it was me I would make very, very sure that Mesh supplied me with a far, far superior CPU that the one that should have been installed and a bit more besides....:-)

  NoPSU 10:39 02 Dec 2006

sadly no joke!
i will contact mesh on monday, it will be interesting to see what they have to say!

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