No PC, Back up photos from Digital Camera Direct, or a Pad.

  Ex plorer 14:17 24 Mar 2014

Hi My brother has a Canon SX280hc camera, Is there any way he can back up his photos without the use of computer.

Connections on the camera are USB, AV, mini HDMI, wifi

I was thinking of a pad of some kind so if any one can advise on good one please let me know.

I have to do all his back ups etc at the moment and I want to encourage him do it himself.

As for WiFi that's not important just now has he has no phone line to the house if that helps with a choice.

Under £200

  Nontek 15:17 24 Mar 2014

I don't know what it costs, but I believe he could get a photo shop to back-up his pics to CD/DVD.

  bumpkin 19:15 24 Mar 2014

Beta, a simple solution, often the best. I like that idea.

  iscanut 08:55 25 Mar 2014

Am I missing something, as he has no computer, what does he plug the memory card into ?

  iscanut 08:56 25 Mar 2014

Sorry, I now realise that he just uses the camera. My apologies !

  Ex plorer 09:41 25 Mar 2014

The only way he can see his photos is by the TV or camera.

But he wants to back them up that's why I was thinking of a tablet/pad as it will give him back-up and look at photos when the TV is in use.

I have read the reviews from PCA on tablets but if any of you have had long term practical experience with a tablet it may sway me one way or another.

  Ex plorer 09:53 25 Mar 2014

Do you mean buy a mini HDMI to SD card reader and back up direct from camera.

  Ex plorer 10:46 25 Mar 2014

He does just want to back them up.

Its me that wants to move him on to Tablet and I am confusing the issue.

So lets stick with backing-up.

He wants to backup the photos that's on the card in his camera now, so he has two copies one in the camera and one at home.

I must be thick this morning as I don't understand what you mean, or I am not explaining myself very clearly.

Stay with me Beta as I appreciate your help.

  Nontek 11:02 25 Mar 2014

I still say back-up to DVD/CD via local Photo shop, it can't be that expensive!

  Ex plorer 13:41 25 Mar 2014

24 miles to nearest local town 48 miles round trip. Seems like I will have to do it.

Its becoming apparent that it cant be done to make a back up of an SD card direct from a camera without the use of a PC or Tablet.

  AroundAgain 14:47 25 Mar 2014

Hi What about picking up a second hand laptop or PC that he can use? If you are in/near Suffolk, I have an old PC running Ubuntu which could do that which I'd be happy to let you/him have, including monitor keyboard and mouse. Only down side is that it would be something for him to learn and take up some space. J

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