No-one wants my money!

  MarkW80 09:51 12 Sep 2006


Having trouble spending my money! I'm trying to buy a replacement desktop for my old, recently deceased PC. I would like to buy from a reputable company so looked at the suppliers mentioned in the PC Advisor reviews, to a custom spec. Initially ordered from Mesh, but following two missed delivery dates then an inability to be able to even offer a 3rd date, I cancelled my order.

Following what seem to be financial difficulties with one regular contributor to PC Advisor reviews, I'm a bit cautious about just placing an on-line order. I last week emailed two further companies with enquiries - I gave a spec and asked a couple of simple questions about delivery times etc - Aria and Cube, both of whom got good reviews for their PCs in the magazine.

Guess what - neither have even acknowledged my emails! Would I really therefore be expected to fill in an on-line order with confidence?!?! - Or is this usual?

So, has anyone else had similar experiences? And would you advise me to use these companies? Or suggest someone else?

Many thanks,

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:52 12 Sep 2006

1) go to PCWorld

2) choose computer

3) save pounds by not having the monitor

4) take to till

5) politely refuse offers of Norton, surge protectors and 3 year cover.

6) go home

7) make coffee

8) unpack and turn on.

9) no stress


  spuds 10:53 12 Sep 2006

Try Novatech click here or PC World. At least with PC World, you could purchase there and then, and take the computer away with you, depending on specifications though!.

Have you tried Evesham or Dell. Both recommended by some magazines and customers.

  josie mayhem 12:04 12 Sep 2006

I think Gandalf hit the nail on the head....

Or have you concidered building a computer your self, that why you get your very own specs....

You can salvage from your old computer, such as case, power supply but if that is low powered it can be rreplaced, floppy, hard drives graphic cards ect

In fact if your old computer died due to hard disk failure, then all you'll need is a new hard drive and a copy of XP, depending weather you have or haven't got the XP disc already...

  stevedaria 12:43 12 Sep 2006

Hi Mark,

I would be more than happy to help you.

Please give me a call 0161 248 1688 or drop me an email [email protected]

Kind Regards,

Steve D
Key Accounts Manager

Tel: 0161 248 1688
Fax: 0161 225 7445
E-Mail: [email protected]
Messenger: [email protected]
Internet: click here

  1minute 14:11 12 Sep 2006

see a company gagging to do the business with you!

  grumpygramp 14:44 12 Sep 2006

Have you investigated your "Local" computer shops? .3 years or so ago having been let down by Mulitvision (since deceased) my son-in-law and I both went to our local shop with the same specifications as the multivision .they cost £100 more but mine was delivered two days later at 7pm .It was set up tested and I was taken right through it before the builder left around 9 pm . It has since been back to him once to have 4 more USB 2 ports added . That is where I shall be getting my next one from.

  freaky 15:07 12 Sep 2006

Have a look through the small ad's in your local newspaper - you may find people who will make-up a PC to your specification. You have nothing to lose by trying this.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:40 12 Sep 2006

My experience of 'local' builders has not been a happy one. The ones that I know have been awful, expensive and have all legged it. PCW is a much better bet or give Aria a whirl as they responded very quickly.


  Sic 16:55 12 Sep 2006

Give Dell a crack, always been very pleased with their products and service, plus their website is very good at online support (assuming thats not the problem!!).

  €dstowe 17:01 12 Sep 2006

Give Aria a go. They've put their head on the block by responding here so you're guaranteed excellent service - otherwise, with the publicity they will get if they fail, they may as well cease trading.

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