No more top billing for Tiscali.....:-)

  Stuartli 09:25 28 Feb 2004

An unexpected surprise from Tiscali arrived in the post and makes me wonder, yet again, just how this organisation keeps its head above water.

You may recall the bizzare billing - or rather non-billing - many of its subscribers experienced about 18 months ago?

That was eventually sorted out after about six months whilst Tiscali continued to make its consistent annual losses.

The letter to which I refer contained the information that I "may" have received a letter recently which confirmed the setup of a direct debit instruction in Tiscali's favour.

It adds that this "was" sent to me in error and apologises for any inconvenience it may have caused and that no sums will be taken from my account.

The wierd thing is that I've never had such a letter, so presumably Tiscali has no record of correspondence with its customers, whilst my direct debit with the company was set up in the days of WorldOnline...

So Tiscali thinks it might have sent me the aforementioned letter, but then adds it was done in error...:-)

As Richard Littlejohn says: "You couldn't make it up..."

  spuds 10:57 28 Feb 2004

I was a customer of Lineone for a number of years.Still use their email facility.Billed by BT on their Surftime/Lineone package every quarter month. Lineone provided an excellent service including their monthly loyal customer bonus offer. When I converted to Tiscali BB, I was told by Tiscali admin staff [2] that I had never been a Lineone customer, and no records were available.Still wondering how I managed to connect to the internet all that time (;o))

  Wilham 12:54 28 Feb 2004

May be OK now for Stuarti but Tiscali billing is still erratic for me,...last one was a double. So far never on the wrong side, they just delay collecting what's due.
My 12 month BB 10X ISP contract has now expired, and I asked in advance for my sub to drop from £26-99 to the now advertised £24-99.
Perhaps my request has over-strained the system?
I have emails to ask me to upgrade..."..may cost you if you don't". When I do so the screen tells me "You do not have any upgrades pending".

But I think I can top Stuarti's tale...
I've just had a Tiscali email by BB to say they are testing my line, if OK they'll send me a modem, connect to BB....

Am I being steered into a new contract?

  Sheila-214876 13:03 28 Feb 2004

I tend to agree. I have now stopped using Tiscali for my clients who want their first Internet Account.

  Stuartli 13:10 28 Feb 2004

If you read my thread you'll discover that I wasn't discussing that something was OK for me now, but that Tiscali sent me a letter saying I "might" have had another letter earlier about setting up a direct debit etc.

At the time of the erratic billing I mention there were large numbers of other subscribers involved, not just me...:-)

When I joined WorldOnline around five or six years ago it was because the company charged £14.99 a month for 24/7 unlimited dialup access.

Amazingly that price also included my telephone line rental of £9.27 a month and low cost phone calls - you had to switch from BT to WorldOnline but retained the BT line (obviously) and BT backup service.

Since Tiscali took over I've been on Tiscali 50 until late last year, when the cost went up from £7.99 a month to £9.99 a month (was originally £4.99).

So I switched to DayTime Plus which is from 8am to 6pm seven days a week; cost is £7.99 and I have 224 hours a month rather than the 50 with Tiscali 50 and save money into the bargain...:-)

  Wilham 16:31 28 Feb 2004

Despite difficulties this week and my Tiscali contract no longer a tie I won't change ISP just yet. I have been with six over the years and all had bad spells. I thought of joining Pipex but it's just changed hands.
Stuarti, it was about the sorting out of bizzare billing after six months, not the missing letter in your thread.
I liked your summary/quote... "You couldn't make it up..."

  cycoze 16:59 28 Feb 2004

I had the same letter this very morning , difference being i had a letter from them last week which confirmed the setup of a direct debit instruction in Tiscali's favour , this had been destroyed , i put it down to an error at Tiscali`s end , i have been with them since Worldonline started , same DD .

  Stuartli 17:06 28 Feb 2004

I've been with Pipex since 1996 (it's a PAYG account); it's an ISP that has served business and domestic customers to the highest standards since being founded 13 years ago.

My son has Pipex broadband and is delighted with it; makes a change from Freeserve and Tiscali's efforts he says.

Go for Pipex - it's only around £22-23 a month for the broadband service and I've always found, on the rare occasion I've had to get in touch, that customer service is first class.

  Stuartli 17:09 28 Feb 2004

I wonder how many other Tiscali customers are wondering exactly what their ISP's billing department is going to mess up next...?

It took me nearly two months to switch from DayTime to DayTime Plus - the fault was Tiscali's as it wasn't possible to switch to DayTime via its website at the time, but it failed to issue a warning.

I tried to switch back temporarily to Tiscali 50 and was assured I would be; you can guess the rest.

  Stuartli 08:49 02 Mar 2004

Just had an e-mail from my son to say he's just had the same letter from Tiscali.

He hasn't had a Tiscali account for some considerable time...

He rightly poses the question as to why Tiscali is apparently retaining his details?

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