No more floppies for sale!

  The Brigadier 16:03 30 Jan 2007

Floppy Disks Wiped From The Shelves:

A computer chain is dropping floppy disks from sale due to plummeting demand. PC World will no longer stock the computer storage devices once its existing supplies have been sold.

And later this year none of the machines it sells will have built-in floppy drives.

The fast-moving world of technology has made floppy disks virtually redundant 36 years after they were invented, the chain said.

They have been replaced by CDs, memory cards and USB memory sticks which have up to 1,000 times as much storage capacity.

PC World commercial director Bryan Magrath said the "relentless" pace of technological change had left floppy disks unable to compete.

"The sound of a computer's floppy disk drive will be as closely associated with 20th Century computing as the sound of a computer dialling in to the internet," he said.

According to the chain, the heyday of the 3.5in disks was in 1998 when around two billion were sold around the world.

  lisa02 16:07 30 Jan 2007

click here

already in speakers corner.

  Terry Brown 16:09 30 Jan 2007

Time and Computers wait for no man (or woman). 3.5" floppies have gone the same way as the 5.25,8" and punch cards.

  The Brigadier 16:09 30 Jan 2007

And here as well!

  Forum Editor 17:51 30 Jan 2007

was posted first - just, so we'll close this one to avoid repetition.

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