No ITV on Freeview

  Monoux 21:45 25 Apr 2007

My TV signals come from the transmitter near Sudbury in Suffolk and all day today I've not been able to get any of the ITV channels on digital freeview.

Is anybody else living in the area having problems too or is it my set. I've tried looking on the Anglia TV website but can't find any reference to faults


  octal 21:58 25 Apr 2007

Do you have the correct antenna for the Sudbury transmitter? To receive Freeview from the Sudbury transmitter you will require an aerial of group E/W positioned horizontally.

This site gives you details click here#

  Monoux 07:30 26 Apr 2007

Sorry should have said it has been fine for months suddenly stopped working yesterday. BBC and other channels are OK just anything to do with ITV = No signal

Analogue is fine for ITV 1 & Channel 4

I was trying to see if anyone living in my area was having the same problems or whether it was something gone wrong with my equipment.

I've just checked this morning still no ITV programnmes on Digital

  BT 08:13 26 Apr 2007

Have you tried retuning your Freeview box?

  Stuartli 10:19 26 Apr 2007

It's nothing to do with retuning your box or, in fact, your aerial (if it's a proper wideband type) as it's a common problem across the UK - it's due to the different type of digital transmissions used by ITV MUXs to those of the BBC etc.

It affects Freeview set top boxes which use a particular Philips chipset, but the older ON/ITVDigital boxes still work OK. Philips is known to be working on a revised chipset, but can't be blamed for ITV's deviation from the original anticipated transmission standards.

Those of us who have computer Freeview PCI TV cards or USB sticks will also come up against the problem on occasions.

  Stuartli 10:25 26 Apr 2007

If you read the final few paragraphs of this link:

click here

from the Transmission cross head, you'll see the MUXs that use 16QAM or 64QAM transmissions and the reason why Freeview consortium members decided to opt for 16QAM.

  Monoux 11:29 26 Apr 2007

Thanks all who responded -- useful link Stuartli

I tried BTs suggestion and retuned the digital channels on the TV set ( has a built in Digital tuner )and he presto all is now back to normal.

I've no idea at all why it 'lost' the ITV channels in the first place though, just one of those things I suppose

  Stuartli 14:11 26 Apr 2007

I forgot to say that my best mate, who owns an independent audio/visual/appliances outlet, told me recently that the manufacturers and retailers are being driven mad by customers' complaints about Freeview transmissions problems from ITV MUXs.

In fact an ITV representative, who visited him at the shop to discuss the situation, actually bought a particular model of set top box that overcomes the problem for testing back at his headquarters...:-)

I suspect that retuning your set and getting things back to normal was just coincidence - the transmissions vary, sometimes on a day to day basis, when using my Twinhan Freeview PCI TV card, but I've never rescanned the channels.

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