no display

  mum thats stuck 17:27 19 Jun 2003

system settings altered and now have no display, can't change settings

  Gibbs 17:35 19 Jun 2003

what/who changed them? Do you just get a blank screen as you enter windows?

  wee eddie 17:57 19 Jun 2003

Try Safe Mode

Turn your PC off.
Turn it on.
Click F8 again and again as your computer boots
It should open in Safe Mode with a basic screen display.

  H-J 18:07 19 Jun 2003

but sound like something has trashed the display drivers. try a system restore (if installed). if not, and you have a driver cd, insert it, go to device manager, open display adaptor, right click, properties, driver tab and click update diver. see if machine can find drivers.


  mum thats stuck 18:20 19 Jun 2003

how can you change system settings when you have no display and windows has crashed so no windows

  wee eddie 19:24 19 Jun 2003

by e-mail, as I am off to the Yoga in a few minutes.

1. can't get into safe mode. can't see what I'm doing

2. when I disconnect monitor from pc I get no signal displayed, when I reconnect, monitor shuts down.

This suggests that the monitor is OK.

What little I know of Safe Mode, infers that that there should be a display, unless there is a mechanical impediment.

Has anyone unplugged the monitor and damaged the cable or been inside the PC, as damage to the graphics card might produce this effect.

I am assuming that you have tried shutting down and entering Safe Mode by using the F8 key as the PC starts.

  wee eddie 19:33 19 Jun 2003

There is a large group here who will tell you to ReFormat - Reinstall - and do all sorts of complex things. Usually totally OTT.

Most of the time the problem can be sorted when one has worked out how it happened in the first place.

So do not worry and ignore them for the while!

Sit back - relax - get a piece of paper and jot down what you know about it. I was going to suggest a cup of tea but a G & T might be more appropriate.

  Joseph-239474 19:43 19 Jun 2003

When I had this problem the graphics card had blown. You may want to take it to a repair shop to check.

  Steven135 19:55 19 Jun 2003

My daughters computer crashed in AOL 7 then no display no boot up menu, nothing.

Turning it off and back on at the mains jerked it into life again (don't know why).

I then talked her through disabling power save options and Hibernation. We have aslo discovered that her ADSL modem is defective.

All seems well now and AOL are sending a replacement Modem personally I wish she had never bothered with AOL.

  wee eddie 22:23 19 Jun 2003

Knowing the Operating system, make, model and a few extra details may help the knowledgeable to help.

  Gibbs 16:02 20 Jun 2003

I had this when I installed a new graphics card, installed but for some reason destroyed the VGA drivers. It would go into windows, but I couldnt see anything at all (but i could hear windows).
Only solution I could see was to format and reinstall. Though keep looking for another option.

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