No Broadband, - download misery

  Storik 09:27 15 Aug 2007

I cannot get Broadband and have to depend on a dialup connection for downloading updated drivers etc.

Apparently I am two miles too far from the local telephone exchange.

The trouble is, by the time the download is complete - in one case it took five and a half hours to download updated graphics card drivers - the damn drivers are corrupt.

The advice I was given from the "Helpline" for the above, was to find someone with Broadband who could download these drivers for me. I asked my son to do this, and what took my creaking dialup connection five and a half hours, took his Broadband connection less than ten minutes. I no longer attempt any updates now, especially BT's as these take ages to download and then cause untold problems.

Despite a petition to BT, signed by 65% of the village population (ok, it's a small village and not all are on the internet)BT, it appears, does not regard a broadband connection to us as financially viable. Now Holy Island got their broadband despite having water between them and the mainland, so how was that more "cost effective" than a two mile land extension?

£15.99 a month for a dialup connection that is less than reliable is a bit steep. (I think so anyway.) Anyone else in the forgotten areas with the same problems?

That's my grumble for the week.


  Diemmess 10:28 15 Aug 2007

Very sorry for you.
Our village area petitiond several years ago and succeeded.
The maximum possible for me on this BT line is 2.2 Mbps though I use Aol 1M at present and exist on promises that this will be doubled at no extra charge in "August or September"
That has slipped from April/May but I live in hope.

£15.99 is extortionate for unlimited Dialup!
I can't remember what I used to pay Aol for that service, but I think it was about half that.

As a result of a series of "more in sorrow than anger" letters I have been charged £9.99 for last 18 months.

  oldbeefer2 10:31 15 Aug 2007

There is a radio broadband facility available, which my village was close to signing up to when BT relented. It's a little more expensive than landline and does need a minimum number of people to sign up to make it viable. I'll see if I can find details of the company......

  Stuartli 12:27 15 Aug 2007

I always used to get my offspring to download big files on his broadband connection when I had dial-up.

Tiscali charges £15 for unlimited dial-up, less if you only use such a service between certain hours.

  oldbeefer2 14:46 15 Aug 2007

Here's the link to a BBC article about radio broadband click here

  Storik 15:54 15 Aug 2007

Thanks for that link - much appreciated, even though I am now green with envy!

About eighteen months ago we had a leaflet from BT stating that we could now get Broadband - however when I tried this I was told it was an "amber" connection and it did not work. We have since been in the "red zone". To be fair to BT, they did reimburse the money I spent transferring the main telephone point upstairs and the £15.00 spent at their "helpline" @ 50p a minute. (I have mobility difficulties and going up and down stairs plugging in extensions etc. took me some time. The suggestion of moving my computer downstairs was too much and I finally gave up.)

Now my eldest son's laptop has a wireless internet connection - can I do the same for a desktop? Know nothing at all about "wireless", except for a "home network". Is this feasible, or is that the same as "radio"?


  PalaeoBill 16:15 15 Aug 2007

No, the wireless adapter in your son's laptop would still need you to have a broadband connection at home (you would just plug a wireless router into the broadband connection to distribute it).

Have you considered satellite broadband?
Two way is fairly expensive but one way (satellite download and dialup modem upload) can be had for around £19.99 a month. See Google

Try Teles Skydsl on this web site click here I used to use them when I lived in Spain and the service was excellent. You download via a dish and upload via a landline or mobile phone (GPRS or G3).

  Storik 09:46 17 Aug 2007

GoldenEagle: Teles Skydsl sounds interesting, although it is an additional cost to what I already have. I shall now see what I can juggle and dispose of regarding present monthly costs. Thank you.

Well folk, I shall mark this as resolved, although of course it isn't, but am extremely grateful for all your replies, especially the suggestions for alternatives.

Thanks to all!


  Nasha 11:12 21 Jan 2008


Did you manage to resolve your issue and now have Broadband ?

  Nasha 11:46 25 Jan 2008

Do you manage to sort out your Broadband

If not, what village do you live in ?

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