Nintendo Wii

  VNAM75 20:59 03 Jun 2007

I want to buy this console in a bundle package with an extra controller and 2 good games, like Wii sports and Mario football.

Which is the best place to buy - online computer stores (ebuyer etc) or high street such as Game..?

  Dizzy Bob 22:31 03 Jun 2007

Quite frankly, anywhere you can get one, they are still very scarce.

Probably a better chance on line.


  lisa02 15:27 06 Jun 2007

Game and get a loyalty card. I do not think they are as scarce as above. Lots of high street stores have them back in stock.

  VNAM75 18:47 06 Jun 2007

What are the 3 must have games at the moment? I've played Wii sports and it was very good.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:27 06 Jun 2007

and I'm disappointed with the lack of games so far.
Top three games (other than Sports)

Zelda - twilight princess
Super Paper Mario
Super Monkey Ball

It's a struggle coming up with those. However, linking it to your wireless gateway opens up a new side to the console, you can download a browser (Opera) which I think is still free, get weather forecasts for your area, and a newsreader.
You can also download classic Nintendo games from the NES SNES etc which make up for it, plus you can play any Gamecube games you may have about the house.

  theDarkness 16:43 09 Jun 2007

i will probably buy one soon also, but the lack of decent games which arent made by nintendo has put some off, including myself, in buying the console. the lack of wii consoles themselves has prob helped. but the machine is cheap compared to the xbox2 and ps3, and it helps alot when nintendo makes the best games, comparing with any system. they dont get voted no.1 in the top 100 console mags 'greatest games ever' year after year for nowt (although this is usually zelda 64 and mario 64). i like the idea that nintendo has focused on trying to improve the idea of better gameplay with its new control methods rather than simply releasing a new system with nothing more than enhanced graphics and a hdvd drive (ps3). im pretty sure nintendo havent been that original and a very similar control method to the wii was probably attempted with games as far back as the 80s...? i remember some sort of digital glove... useless with any game i bet

im not sure if the new zelda is any good, but it seems to be the main game id want to buy the wii for, other than the new Paper Mario and Wii Sports (i think Wii Sports is bundled with some machines). its great that it plays most gamecube games, i have a good collection, but the wii should surely kick off in sales once a proper wii Mario platformer and more of Nintendos own titles are released... and Nintendo make enough systems! I expect alot of wii players at accident and emergency if the standard gamecube controller is not an option with Mario though :(

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