Nintendo or PSP

  The Brigadier 11:52 27 Jul 2007

As i'm taking time to chill out a bit more after recent events i thougt about buying a hand-held game.
But do i go for Nintendo DS Lite of PSP.
Nintendo DS Lite seems cheaper to buy & so are the games.
But what do others have, any views at all?

  Kate B 11:55 27 Jul 2007

I've got a PSP and it's a lovely piece of kit. But you might want to sit tight and wait for the revamped version in September click here - though of course the price of the exisiting model will fall now.

  lisa02 14:02 27 Jul 2007

DSlite. Try searching for the R4DS. It's a modded card that let's you load mp3's, movies and homebrew games. It can be used for copying official games but I am NOT endorsing it for that use as it's illegal.

Cart costs £30 approx and you insert a microsd card into it.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 00:51 29 Jul 2007

I always thought the DS was a bit of a gimmick, but my 12 year old daughter has just got one and she uses it much more than her psp. It's not an age thing though, my wife also has a psp and wishes she hadn't bothered now. On the face of it, the psp should be the better option, but in reality the games for the DS are more fun, and there are more of them. If you want to watch films etc the psp is probably better.
The psp is also more fragile and quite a bit bigger than the DS.

  rdave13 10:13 29 Jul 2007

Just read in yesterday's paper that PSP and Sky have struck a deal to launch a video download service. Pay per view or subscription. So you could download sport ,music or films.

  The Brigadier 10:32 29 Jul 2007

Bought a Nintendo DS Lite package & playing Brain Games on it.
The cost is what swayed me in the end.
Thanks for the input everyone:)

  lisa02 15:50 29 Jul 2007

Good choice, both me and my five year old have a ds lite. It's soooo much fun playing each other.

  The Brigadier 17:39 30 Jul 2007

Does that meen i'm a five year old!:)
Very addictive so much so that i even played with it on the treadmill in the gym. The staff offered kind words before suggesting they looked after it in case i dropped it, seems they found it as fun to use as i do!!!!!!

  lisa02 11:33 31 Jul 2007

" Does that meen i'm a five year old!:) "

Yeah, just like me ;) lol.

The beauty of the DS is that it's fun for all ages.

Nintendo has that corner of the market covered, don't they? Putting the fun back into gaming!

  The Brigadier 17:10 31 Jul 2007

Got a couple of brain games & 42 games-in-one.
It's a great way to relax & got some advice on playing from a friends 10 year old!
Seems junior is very good at them!!

Had a gameboy 10 years ago & just played tetris the whole time, however may get some other games for the DS, it is however very addictive.

  guisha 15:19 01 Aug 2007

click here
click here
click here

I think the psp is better because you can have music on it and I think it has better a big fan of nintendo games besides mario and donkey kong but psp can have music and watch movies and it cooler looking and you will get bored of the ds after a while for the psp you wont because you have movies to watch and play games and listen to music

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