Nikon Coolpix 4800 or Olympus C-765

  noelski 16:03 23 May 2005

Hi people,

I need your help, last year my girlfriend got me a lovely Fuji digital camera that had no optical zoom. I've had a fun time practising my camera skills but I now feel the need for a digital camera with a good optical zoom, about 4 megapixels and small size so it can fit in jeans pocket or her handbag.

I think I have narrowed the choice to the two in the title. Does anyone have experience of these and best prices? Nikon I have found for £179.99 click here and Olympus £189.99 click here.

Or can people think of a camera that would be good?

Me and the girlfriend are going to Wimbledon for the tennis, an Oasis concert, two weddings and New York for a holiday so the camera will get good use.

Thank you all for your time

  pj123 16:19 23 May 2005

Both look good to me, hardly anything between them Nikon 8.5x optical zoom and Olympus 10x optical zoom.

I have a very old Nikon Coolpix 2500, only 2mps and only a 3x zoom but takes brilliant pictures. Cost me £149 but look at its price now! click here

My main digital is a Minolta Z1 (not pocketable) so maybe not for you but a really good camera. Looks, works and feels like an SLR. click here

To see more check out: click here

  Border Collie 16:21 23 May 2005

Check click here before you make a decison.

  jack 17:13 23 May 2005

Either or chum

Get yourself to Jessops or another store near you
and handle them at least- guve em a test run if they will let you - Jessops certainly will
Then you will know for sure

  pipedream 17:17 23 May 2005

This is also an excellent review site - click here

  russmini 20:47 23 May 2005

My opinion

I bought one last year, it cost me £300 at the time, which was a good price then.

Now about £200 i think i saw the other day !!

Damn technology and prices move to fast !!

This was my first digital, i bought and chose it because of a few reviews i read and actually playing with it at jessops & dixons.

The main reason to be honest was the 10x zoom, this to me was important, cause i go rallying and sometimes you just cannot get close enough to the cars.

The only thing you have to be careful of is.....

When on 10x zoom, you have to be very STILL, any shake and you see it, but with practise comes perfection, ha ha..

The beauty at least is you can practice time & time again, then delete and try all over again !! ha ha !!

You said you have a fuji now, would that be with XD card ? at least your on your way there then, cause only fuji & Olympus use them.

If not get your cards from click here very good on price & del.

Hope this helps

Oh yeh.. The pictures have always been superb, even when printing A4 pictures, the detail is superb.

  shizzy 22:31 23 May 2005

My Nikon is only 2100 but takes lovely pics. I mostly let it do its own thing on automatic. Really good in macro mode as well.

  russmini 09:14 28 May 2005

Did you decide ?

How did you find our help ?

  noelski 13:19 28 May 2005

Not made up my mind yet. O it's so confusing.

I am leaning towards the Olympus but will go to Jessops soon and try them both out.

Thank you for your help, it was great.

P.S I only put the email as resolved as I thought no one else was going to post anything.

If anyone else has more ideas about the phones PLEASE let me know

  russmini 13:52 28 May 2005

"If anyone else has more ideas about the phones PLEASE let me know"

Thought we were talking about cameras ? mmmmmm !!

  noelski 09:15 30 May 2005

lol yes talking about cameras.

I want a great easy to use camera, that will last me a few years and maybe more.

don't want to buy one and it be wrong. I know what good advice people normally give on here.

Sorry if I sound so needy lol

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