Nigeria moves to Iraq

  €dstow 09:08 02 Apr 2003

In email this morning:

I've put a spavce in the email address to prevent it working.

10 Jasim Street,
Ibrahim'Ali, Baghdad, Iraq.
Email: falbashar

Re: Urgent Assistance Needed

By way of introduction I am Eng. Farouk Al-Bashar, I represent my family as the oldest son of the Al-Bashar family, who are the descendants of Ibrahim Al-Bashar Ali from one of the oil rich areas in Iraq. Over the years my family has acquired huge sums of money from royalties for the exploration of oil in our region but over the past 15 years, Saddam Hussein and his gangs of bandits have taken our oils without payments and we can not complain as those who did are all dead. In the wake of the Gulf War of 1990, our family withdrew most moneys that remain in coded bank accounts that Saddam did not find and we hide it in a secret chamber underground, where it remained safe until after the war. At the end of Gulf war, we moved the funds into a private vault of a security company in Baghdad, where it was until we collected it a few days ago on the fear of the eminent war with America.

We pray they remove Saddam as he is the cause of much hardship here, but our funds are trapped here and there is no avenue to transfer any amount from Iraq without Saddam knowing. The problem now is how do we transfer the funds totalling US$12.5 Million in cash from here.

We are afraid that with the capacity of the bombs America is coming to Baghdad with nowhere would be safe for the money, so we need you to help in securing a private collection agency who would come to Iraq and collect the money and have them moved to the west, where our family is planning to relocate to as life in Iraq is no longer worth living because of Saddam.

I have to travel lots of miles each day to send an email hoping someone out there would assist this family, if you can we will give you the details of an agency that can lift the funds from here as given to me by a US Marine. The private collection agency would then collect the fund from here and deliver it to you for safe keep. Hoping the American campaign would be successful, we would then come over to your country for a meeting to share the funds and hopefully start a new life with you as a partner.

For your assistance with this project the family is willing to give you 10% of the funds, however if this does not suit you we are open for negotiation.

We eagerly await your response so we can inform you of the next line of action.


Eng. Farouk Al- Bashar
For the entire Al-Bashar family


  TECHNODIMWIT 09:32 02 Apr 2003

got to be a late april fool

  €dstow 10:33 02 Apr 2003


To me it just seems a variation on the 419 scam.


  doublefive 11:04 02 Apr 2003


If this is the first of this type of email you have received then you can now enjoy two or three a month from now on. Your email address has been collected along with many others to be used in the long running scam to dupe people into divulging their bank details to operators presumably in Nigeria. My email is the contact on my Trials club website and I have had these requests for years. The only consolation is that the stories they tell are occasionally amusing. Just delete them or block them, its up to you, but don't reply whatever you do.

  €dstow 11:12 02 Apr 2003

No, it is me that received this, not Mr Nodimwit.

I've been getting them on and off for years. The reason I posted this one was because the scammers now seem to have moved to Baghdad.


  watchful 11:13 02 Apr 2003

Think that reply is meant for you.

  watchful 11:14 02 Apr 2003

Too late!!

  chrishillcoat 12:25 02 Apr 2003

Who do I mail to get hold of the money? ;-)

  Coaster3 18:02 02 Apr 2003

I'm sure this guy has moved from Nigeria if only because he describes it as an 'eminent war'.

  TECHNODIMWIT 18:13 02 Apr 2003

i`ve heard ot he nigerian scam but have never seen any of the various emails. (thankfully i dont get to much spam)

didn`t know anyone could be so gullible


  €dstow 18:29 02 Apr 2003

Unfortunately a lot of people are that gullible. I know someone (slightly) who was taken in by it in the days when it was distributed by letter rather than electronically. The guy was a qualified accountant and company director as well.

He's out of gaol now!

Remember this is a worldwide scam with quite a few police forces involved in try to stop it - which is difficult as they keep moving locations - as you see from this latest one that I received.


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