Nice one PLAY.COM - Good service

  GibsonSt19 09:23 27 Feb 2004

Just thought I'd share.

I ordered a DVD from these guys yesterday (well priced, free delivery) at 4pm. It arrived this morining at 7:30am!!

That's almost gotta be a record! (15.5 hrs)

Hope your future experiences are the same.

  Strangely Brown 09:39 27 Feb 2004

They've always been good. Sometimes a delivery takes a little longer but let's bear in mind that they are consistently the cheapest supplier I am aware of and postage is included in the price!

  Sir Radfordin 12:09 27 Feb 2004

That really is quick - not knowing where you live can't be sure but my guess is that using normal transport it would be very hard to beat that time!

  ventanas 12:43 27 Feb 2004

Yep, use them a lot. Very reliable and very good prices.

  GibsonSt19 13:14 27 Feb 2004

I live in Wrexham, North Wales....and yes we do have electricity, and roads.

  medicine hat 13:33 27 Feb 2004

My latest order, status: posted 25 Feb, has still to be delivered by my postie. Curses.

  tomleady 14:55 27 Feb 2004

Play are the best that i've used. Splash, CDWOW, 101cd, DvdPopcorn, they dont even come close.

  BEVERLEY-256334 15:45 27 Feb 2004 are quick,efficient and reliable, I've had several puchases from them some big some small, had one problem though, they sent the wrong game by mistake but that was quickly rectified, I sent the game back by registered post, rang them with the registered delivery number and they sent the correct game out immediatley and refunded my postage.

great service.

  Sparrowhawk 16:55 27 Feb 2004


I started to order from them 6 months ago.

Never had an issue.

Delivery is included in price and very quick.

I ordered sometimes 1 DVD, sometimes 1 CD games and 5 DVDs.

If they miss 1 single item out of 7 items, they won't put the order on hold but ship as soon as they have the item.

KEEP ON THE GOOD JOB even if the British Phonographic Industry tries to prevent you from delivering good value for money.

  Sparrowhawk 16:58 27 Feb 2004

I ordered Finding Nemo today, 27-Feb at 11:45.

Order had been shipped at around 14:00... the same day...

  Graham ® 16:58 12 Jun 2004

I ordered a DVD from Amazon, then my neighbour told me about Play. Amazon, 2 weeks, £9.49. Play, next day, £7.99. :-(

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