New+Free+Desktop Search+Google

  mbp 12:24 01 Dec 2004

Availabel free from Google Web site. It is able to search your own computer for:
1) Web pages you have used
2) Email you have sent or received in Outloog of OExpress.
3) IM chats using AIM
4) Files in MW Word, Excel , PowerPoint as well as plain text.

No doubt the search capabilities will be extended in due course.

I have used it, but so far have not found anything I have typed in yet. Maybe it is still registering? Anyone else have had more positive result than I have had?

  JayDay 12:28 08 Dec 2004

It's not very good. Still needs a lot of work. Go to this thread and find out about a much better program that does the same plus a whole lot more click here

  mbp 11:55 09 Dec 2004

JayDay, I am sorry for Google, but I have to agree with you 100%. I was completely left feeling like a flat tyre. I will try Coppernic.

  Stuartli 14:37 09 Dec 2004

Had it on - uninstalled after two or three days...

  Teaboy 17:07 10 Dec 2004

I wont bother then!

  Teaboy 17:08 10 Dec 2004

I wont bother then!

  Teaboy 17:08 10 Dec 2004

I wont bother then!

  originalmiscellany 17:35 10 Dec 2004

until i tried copernic- far superior...

Don't touch google until it's improved...

  mbp 18:00 10 Dec 2004

I've downloaded Copernic and Removed Google Desktop Search. However have not tested it out yet. Waiting for a rainy day, I suppose.

  mbp 18:04 10 Dec 2004

Just thought I would mention that when you click on "Post Response" Just Once, you have to wait for quite awhile, feels like ages, before it is transmitted. I often think that it is not working and I ckick, click. Each time I click, a new duplicate message is registered. So now I just click Post Response Once and wait and twiddle my thumbs.

  anniel 18:23 10 Dec 2004

May I second your remarks about the slow transmission time...just posted another response and thought it had not worked and clicked took an age.

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