Newbie Laptop Advice Required!

  nickybhoy 09:46 17 Apr 2007

You guys seem very helpful at suggesting good solutions to we less experienced folk.

I run a garden design and landscaping business and am in need of a new laptop. I cannot get my head round all the spec jargon and so i'd offer it up for suggestions.

It needs to be portable, have good display properties (for presentations), be a good work horse (in full use 16 hours per day), have enough space to take all the design files, portfolio photos, website files, various software programmes, wi-fi essential bluetooth a bonus. DVD capabilities not essential but bonus. Needs to look sharp as well, clean shape and design but robust enough to get lugged about in my bag.

Ideally looking to lease so not too concerned about price though would like to keep it below £800.

If you guys know any good places for lease rates as well, any help there would be appreciated.

Any help or advice will be much cherished. Cheers.

  wee eddie 10:08 17 Apr 2007

While this is basically a Windows based Forum, the opposition's (Mac) Laptops carry a lot of kudos within the Design Community and because of their rarity would give your Clients a positive impression of your business acumen.

However there is a limited range of Software and although highly regarded, it is also highly priced, as are the Laptops themselves.

  nickybhoy 10:49 17 Apr 2007

Thanks for the swift reply Eddie, Using Windows based software as it is more cost effective and acheives the standard of results required.

  Mavisk 11:23 17 Apr 2007
  wee eddie 12:22 17 Apr 2007

there are marginal differences between one and another in terms of speed and battery life and display. Usually the viewing angle will be one of the biggest problems you may come across when showing your wares.

So here is my suggestion.

Visit PC World and play with everything. As all the products there will probably do everything you need, consider what your client will see. If you are (to be) a Business, register with PCW. It has its uses and gets a better quality of assistance (they want you to return). It's not worth bullshitting with the Business Sales Staff, they've heard most of it before, but they do want your custom and it is well worth listening to their advice.

  nickybhoy 14:19 20 Apr 2007

Thanks eddie

So can anyone suggest a good lease firm?

  wee eddie 16:08 20 Apr 2007

Just chose your model and make your move.

The most important thing with Leasing is to find out what happens at the end of the lease. Technically the machine's theirs, some charge you just one Month extra to buy it back, but others can charge an extra 3 months Lease as a buy-back fee.

  Dizzy Bob 16:34 20 Apr 2007

As per Wee Eddie's post, PC World business offer leasing - ask in the store about the smartplan scheme.


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