New virgin media contract

  VNAM75 13:42 05 Aug 2010

I just renewed my contract for £24.99 per month which includes:

10mb broadband
Basic freeview TV - medium package
Telephone line rental with free evening and weekend calls to landlines

They did want £25.99 but I managed to get a £1 discount after a long conversation but the impression I got was they don't need to offer discounts because they think their service is much better/reliable than on a BT and the price is already very good value for money.

£24.99 is 50p more expensive than I'm paying now. Is it a good price? I managed to find out that my last month's internet usage was 45gb download, 7gb upload which seems a lot but I watch all tv programmes online.

  john bunyan 13:49 05 Aug 2010

What actual download speed do you get?
I am sure you have a "good" price, but I will never sign up for a long term contract as if you find the service deteriorates and you wish to switch ISPs they enforce the payment of the whole contract period. Was it 12 or 18 months?
I am prepared to pay a small premium to have a BT line and an ISP that offers (or will negotiate) a one month rolling contract (max 3 months)

  Terry Brown 13:51 05 Aug 2010

I have VIrgin, but with the XL package for TV and the 10mb brodband package, and have had for a long while.

When it comes to Broadband speeds, I do not think BT can touch them ( I normally get between 8-9mb, day or night), and get very little problem.

The TV package is as good or better than SKY, because you have the options to watch programs or whole series at a time to suit yourself.

As for Telephone, their phone charges are quite high, however, if you contact a 3rd party like First Telecom or One Tel, you can get much cheaper calls ( line rental to Virgin, calls from another company)

Hope this helps

  VNAM75 14:10 05 Aug 2010

I get 8-10 mb download speed on average. Sometimes I even get 10.7mb! Thats due to some software I use which was recommended on here - its called fullspeed v3.6 or something. Its sped up my connection even though it was already fast.

I'm not tied in for on a contract, only for the telephone line which is for 12 months because I'm getting free evening calls.

I use skype for calls and its 1.5p per min to landlines at all times, but 08 and mobile are about the same price I think.

  VNAM75 14:12 05 Aug 2010

They also told me that I was 2.5km from the BT exchange so I could only get 1-2mb broadband at most, not sure if thats correct or they're talking a load of ****

  birdface 15:40 05 Aug 2010

You are probably being charged the proper price.
it is usually a 12 month contract with V/M.
They usually do a special deal for new customers.
Are you a new customer and are they giving you a discount for the first few months.

  birdface 15:44 05 Aug 2010

Overcharging if this is what you have.

click here

  birdface 15:52 05 Aug 2010

Sorry £21.45 + line rental of £11.99 puts it up to £33.00.
So you are getting a fair price.
You should also get the 2 months reduced payment if not phone them and find out why not.

  VNAM75 15:57 05 Aug 2010

I'm not a new customer. The £24.99 per month is the same as what a new customer pays incl the 2 months free. The normal price for my package is £30 on the website incl the line rental which you are forced to take. But you can normally get a better price when you call them though it took me ages to get them just to give the £1 per month dicount.

  birdface 22:46 05 Aug 2010

As you have already agreed to the renewal offer it looks like you may have to wait till next year to negotiate a better deal.
There actual telephone charges for calls are ridiculous.
I found it cheaper to use my mobile rather than use Virgin during the week.

  VNAM75 02:23 06 Aug 2010

I think the price is reasonable, not a mega deal nor expensive, I was just curious about how it compared with what others paid. The broadband service is actually very solid so can't complain there. The call charges are ridiculous but are BT any cheaper? The days of making any where near regular calls on a landline phone are over for me, I will just use it for receiving calls or during free periods. Skype calls and its text service is very good. Calling my next door neighbour or abroad is the same price, at 1.5ppm.

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