New variant on 419?

  jimmylove 19:22 08 Jan 2003
  jimmylove 19:22 08 Jan 2003

Rather amusing email from this morning. Of course I'm going to rush out a buy a new Aston tomorrow with my new found wealth!


I wish to send this mail to you through this medium. I have been searching
for a good and reliable person until I saw your contacton the net and hope you will not dissappoint me in this transaction.

I am Mrs Luisa Estrada, the wife of Joseph Estrada, former president of Phillipines in Asia. My husband was recently impeached in office by an opposition group backed up by an uprising of mass Demonstrators and Senate Traitors.

Most of them benefitted from my husband's generousity when he was in office. But they just turned around to be the ones to impeach him. I have tried
every possible means to get him out of Detention without success. The Despotic forces in power appear bent in deriding him, rubbishing his
achievements while freezing all his known Bank accounts. You will agree with me that this is
political and the only way they can remain in office while perpetuating Tyranny.

During my husband's regime as President of Phillipines, he stashed out the sum of Twenty Million United States Dollars from various contract projects. He deposited this money with security companies in Bangkok
Thailand and Amsterdam, The Netherlands in my name (Mrs Luisa Estrada). The money hasbeen with the security companies since then and the government does not know about it.

Presently, life has not been easy for my children and I, my travel documents have been seized by the government. Now, I want to start a new life with
the money my husband deposited with the security company. I also want to invest the money outside Philippines. Please, I want you to assist me get the money released from the security company immediately, there is
no risk at all about this.

I have discussed with the security company manager about this arrangement
and he assured me that they will be willing to releasethe money to my representative. I would give you the secret pin code number of the money, the telephone and fax
numbers of the company. I will give you 40% of the total amount if you assist me to get the money released. The company will contact you to arrange with you on how best to get the money released.

If you are willing to assist me, Kindly furnish me with you full names, contact phone and fax numbers, to enable me give the information to the
company. Meanwhile, I would be communicating with you by email because my telephone lines are bugged at the moment. The email is my only means of communication.

I hope to travel out of Philippines as soon as the money is released to you. I would want us to be in partnership in any good business you may suggest in your country.

Please handle this transaction with maturity and sincerity.

Best Regards,

Mrs Luisa Estrada

  BRYNIT 01:13 10 Jan 2003

As per usual some idiot will oblige and end up loosing money some were along the way.

  deke 01:32 10 Jan 2003

If her phone lines are bugged i hope her anti virus is up to date

  bigdamouk 04:07 10 Jan 2003

wow.......£8 million dollers..all it will cost is yer bank account number and pin code.....a bargin!!! LOL

  Ranger 07:03 10 Jan 2003

I received that email as well, do you think people are still caught out with these things anymore? they have been about so long now and spoken about in PC mags, sites, newspapers etc. that surely every man and his dog know about this scam now

  rickf 19:41 10 Jan 2003

If this account is a secret, it is no longer!

  Joe McG 19:43 10 Jan 2003

Wot! no mention of "Nigeria"?

  €dstow 19:55 10 Jan 2003

Yes, people are still being caught up in this. I'ts due to one of those instincts called greed. Even though they know all about the 419 scam, they think that this one (or the one they have received) is somehow different and is genuine. It similar to the people who open suspicious email attachments with the full knowledge that they could contain a virus but they think "it can't happen to me".


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