New TV Freeview, Freesat, or Sky?

  thamesside 16:59 23 Nov 2009

I need to buy a new TV. I'm thinking Panasonic 32". I live in N Surrey so I guess Freeview HD will be available soon. Up till now I have used a TV with integral freeview tuner and that has worked fine with my existing aerial.
What to do?
If I buy a HD set with Freeview I understand I will still have to buy a set top box to get HD . £60.
If I get a TV with freesat (More expensive) I understand that will get digital freesat stations now but I have to have a dish installed. Cost?
If I go for Sky I have to pay a sub and we do not watch sport just BBC1 2 & 4 Ch 4 ITV 1 &3 and BBC news. And I have to have a dish.
Any advice?

  961 18:59 23 Nov 2009

High Def in Freeview is always going to be a compromise. There just isn't the bandwidth for it to work at its best

Two options

Get a sky install. Loads of offers around now. They'll give you a high def box and if you get a friend who already has sky to "recommend" you I'm sure some M & S vouchers will follow for both

After 12 months you can cancel the sub and the dish, install and high def box remain yours with all the free channels and if your tv has a freesat tuner (Panasonic) you'll get high def BBC and ITV for free

Alternatively get a local installer to stick up a dish and go freesat from the start with a Panasonic with a freesat tuner. One off payment and the same high def channels and dozens of free to view channels. Much better than freeview which, when high def arrives there, will require new set top boxes etc

  oresome 19:59 23 Nov 2009

If you want high definition now, it will have to be via satellite.

If you don't want to pay a subscription, it will have to be freesat.

A dish will cost around £80 to £100 for a straightforward installation.

If you don't mind waiting, HD freeview is around the corner and integrated sets will appear when the service is available, otherwise a set top box can be added to present day sets.

I don't know what the quality of freeview HD will be relative to satellite HD. Bandwidth is a constraint for both and only Blu-ray offers full HD.

  Kevscar1 20:10 23 Nov 2009

Sky are offering Free boxes at the moment

  thamesside 22:32 23 Nov 2009

Thanks. Looks like it ought to be freesat. Off to John Lewis tomorrow to have a chat with them.

  Input Overload 12:44 24 Nov 2009

A question that was posed to me a few days ago if you cancel your Sky contract after a year or so & have a Sky+ box. I know you can get a card legally to watch Freeview. But can you record Freeview with a Sky+ box, I thought you can't.

  DieSse 13:13 24 Nov 2009

"But can you record Freeview with a Sky+ box, I thought you can't."

The recording function on a Sky+ box does not work without a subscription (currently).

  961 15:34 24 Nov 2009

you still have high def via freesat and all the free channels without a subscription

It's a bit like "free" banking

At the end of the day all these guys need to make the odd penny, one way or the other

If you go to the cash machine on a Friday night to get £50, someone has bothered to install the machine, pay for it to be powered up, connected to the network and arranged for someone else to arrange to get the cash from somewhere to keep it filled plus the security etc

None of this comes for free

Just like the cost of the sky hd box

Freesta with a Panasonic tv with freesat tuner is a good deal

If you want to record as well, go Humax or pay a sky subscription

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