New TV for the consevatory

  Graham. 16:19 21 Jun 2009

The old CRT had to go, you could hardly see the picture when it's sunny.

Thinking an LCD would be better, I bought a Samsung 32" click here but even with backlight and brightness turned up it is not the improvement I hoped for.

Would a different manufacturer give better results?

  Graham. 17:01 21 Jun 2009


  Curio 17:48 21 Jun 2009

Window shades in Conservatory would be a cheaper option

  190119 18:23 21 Jun 2009

Been through this performance myself and the only way you can watch any sort of t.v in a conservatory is to wait until it's dark.

Unless someone knows different!

  SB23 19:15 21 Jun 2009

I'm with Curio, buy some nice vertical blinds, much cheaper.

  laurie53 20:40 21 Jun 2009

The make of tv won't matter too much.

Most LCD/plasma panels are made by one manufacturer and bought in.

You'll need to find out who made the one you have (which is actually probably Samsung) and find out who make the panel on your replacement (in many cases also probably Samsung!).

  Stuartli 22:13 21 Jun 2009

Sony and Samsung jointly operate a panel manufacturing plant in Korea; Samsung is the top overall TV set manufacturer (by a whisker).

There are around 29 leading TFT LCD panels contract manufacturers who serve major OEM customers.

Some facts that may interest you:

click here

  Stuartli 22:15 21 Jun 2009

A TV set's electronics wizardry are equally, if not more so, important than the make of panel manufacturer.

  Graham. 22:39 21 Jun 2009

Thanks for the link. I have a Sony 32", and the picture is far better than the new Samsung. If the screen is manufactured by the same people, it must be inferior circuitry making the difference.

  Stuartli 00:42 22 Jun 2009

The more you pay for a particular screen size TV set from a manufacturer, the higher the quality of the processing electronics.

That's why you can buy large screen TVs at such a range of prices, but you get what you pay for quality wise in the end.

The Sony/Samsung joint venture, first launched in 2004, was extended last year:

click here (skip the Welcome screen).

click here

Sony now also has a joint venture with Sharp:

click here

  Graham. 22:50 22 Jun 2009

The best they could offer was goodwill - 10% re-stocking fee, and refund to Gift Card.

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