New tower and win xp disc

  struggle8 14:59 04 Mar 2003

I have just brought a new tower, when I was in the shop the sales assistant told me that it came with an original windows xp disc and not a system recovery disc , I said are you sure and he told me yes which was also confirmed by another assistant.with the price of the tower and a free windows disc with xp on it who could resist but low and behold when I unpacked it there it was the dreaded recovery disc and not a new windows disc with xp on, with him offering me a new windows disc with xp on swayed my disision to buy was I lied to to make me buy any idea if I con claim for a new disc with win xp on from the store if you get my drift. thanks

  davidg_richmond 15:34 04 Mar 2003

i take it you bought a brand name pc? if you want an original disk you need to buy from a build-to-order local shop, as they buy OEM Windows XP discs for each computer they sell as opposed to large licenses. still, you should not be lied to by a sales assistant - take the matter up with them, they have mis-led you over the goods they are supplying and you may be able to get a refund or a free XP disc (usually works well if you explain the situation calmly and not put anyones back up at the shop).

  oresome 15:40 04 Mar 2003

Better to say they were mistaken and in turn mislead you, rather than lied.

You stated your requirements and the responses from the salesman form part of the contract. You are entitled to your money back.

  davidg_richmond 16:17 04 Mar 2003

quite true oresome, we used the wrong terminology which assumed that they were deliberately misleading the customer, which is not necessarily true.

  rins36 21:47 05 Mar 2003

I did not get any software with this, I today contacted the store & was given other numbers to call for the software to be posted out to me. After making 3 phone calls I was told to contact the local store, I did this & someone was supposed to ring me tonight re sending the software out to me. I have not received a phone call & I am annoyed about this. I cant use to of the progs as the disc is needed. Also if for some reason i need to format the hard drive in the future, i cant as i do not have a copy of XP

If i had paid £200.00 then had to purchase the software it would not be a problem, but paying £1,000+ with no software from a Comet Store is not a joke

  struggle8 11:08 06 Mar 2003

thank for you response I now have a full installation of windows xp the recovery disc I can keep hey what a bonus lol

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