New Touchscreen Laptop

  morddwyd 13:53 09 Jan 2015

My Acer Aspire 5738 is beginning to show its age, random crashes, keyboard failures and so on so I must start looking for a new one

At least 15 in, touch screen, 1tb, but not much else in the way of "must have" specs.

Pretty much just general use, e-mail, web browsing, shopping, a bit of photo editing, newspaper and magazine reading.

Any personal recommendations? I know that Acer, Dell, HP and Tosh have some relevant offerings. Any personal experiences? I discount Lenovo as in the past I've found them cheap and nasty, no, that's a bit unfair, perhaps I should just say, built down to a price.

  spuds 15:32 09 Jan 2015

Not touchscreen, but I bought this Lenovo not long ago, and more than happy with it click here

  rdave13 18:00 09 Jan 2015

I've no personal recommendation for a touchscreen but have always had HP laptops and found them very good. So I thought of supplying this HP Pavilion 15-p170na TouchSmart Laptop link, as it's under £400 with the code. Worth a look anyway.

  morddwyd 10:43 14 Jan 2015

Any more recommendations?

Like I said, I need touch screen and I don't like Lenovo.

  john bunyan 11:50 14 Jan 2015

We have 2 Toshiba laptops - very reliable and easy to get repair parts. J Lewis gives a 2 year guarantee . See 3 models:

Toshiba - J Lewis

  morddwyd 10:17 17 Jan 2015

Thanks JB.

I'll have a look at trhe cheaper two.

Unlike most, I've found Toshiba unreliable in the past, though at one time they were the first port of call for laptops.

Most of what's available is eighteen months to two years old, or a ridiculous price!

  john bunyan 10:32 17 Jan 2015


I hope you get what you want; my local repair man finds the parts for Toshiba easy to get - a granddaughter is clumsy and has had 2 new screens and 2 keyboards due to "accidents"!. I am debating a new laptop, but as I do not like the look of W8, am waiting until PC's with W10 are on sale. I appreciate your feedback on all your threads.

  morddwyd 19:46 18 Jan 2015

Like you, I don't like what I've seen of W8.

I hadn't thought of waiting, but it is an idea.

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