New Sound Card/Dell Warranty

  al7478 20:16 27 Sep 2007

I have on board sound at the moment, and am seriously considering getting a soundcard. However, i have a dell dimension 5150 with years of warranty left (i probably wouldnt get it if i had that time over again, but meh, ya live n learn!)

Anyway, if i dont go through dell, does that invalidate my warranty? Presumably, if i did go through them, they'd expect me to install it myself anyway, and maybe that would invalidate my warranty too?

Thanks in advance!

  citadel 20:55 27 Sep 2007

if you ever have to return the pc you could remove the card and re-enable onboard sound.

  al7478 21:08 27 Sep 2007

i probably sound dumb, but thats rather involved-sounding to me. and i guess it depends on circumstances at the time - whats wrong with the pc and what you've arranged with dell etc..(ok, that make sno sense, but i see what i mean).

Do you have a dell? ever had to have them fix it?

  spuds 12:37 28 Sep 2007

Quite a number of companies allow modifications to their original systems by their customers.The warranty usually remains on the original purchase and any 'modified components and work done by the customer' will be void on the original computer manufacturers warranty.

If you blow-up the system while trying to install other non-compatible devices, then don't expect the manufacturer to be very pleased if you return the system for repair under warranty.They may well demand heavy payment before the computer is returned back to you.

  al7478 13:31 28 Sep 2007

but if i install something and theres a problem later with an original part, thats ok under warranty?

should i check out anything, such as my power supply, before i get a soundcard?

  al7478 22:14 28 Sep 2007

Spuds? Anyone?

  spuds 22:38 28 Sep 2007

If the original manufacturers installed part fails, then that should be covered by the warranty provided. Check the warranty regarding the actual cover ie return to base, on-site, parts and labour, parts only etc.

The same applies to fitted components by yourself. For instance you may to fit a new hard-drive with a 3 year warranty. Under consumer law the retailer will be responsible for the 1st year, the manufacturer for the remainder, but the manufacturer may stipulate that you register the item with them on purchase, so as to activate their warranty arrangement.

You should have no need to check power supplies, unless of course you are fitting many power consuming components, as extras.

If you have a particular sound card in mind, then I would suggest that you provide details within this or perhaps another post, so that someone can provide more advice and help on that particular or similar soundcard before you buy.

  al7478 00:11 29 Sep 2007

dell give a 1 year warranty as standard i think, but i bought 3 years. Does that mean 3 years plus the 1, or just 3 years? I'm really questioning the wisdom of buying an extended warranty now.

Anyway, sorry for that digression. The soundcard i would get would (probably, but i have no 1st hand experience of sound cards) be something like the soundblaster extrem music card.

As i say, i have little experience in this area, but I've tried various online demos and think a card probably would give me better sound, and perhaps more control over it. Its for music, not games, but i wouldnt be recording or anything, just listening.

  spuds 10:53 29 Sep 2007

Your warranty in all probabilities will be 2+1=3 years. But again, I suggest you check your agreement for actual terms and conditions.

Regarding the sound card, I would suggest that you open another post in the Helproom. Give details of your Dell unit, and ask for advice from one of the forums more advanced members who know sound cards capabilities, and whether it is wise for you to go ahead.

If you are not sure what your computer contains, then download this free programme SIW click here or Belarc click here and they should reveal most things.

  al7478 14:08 29 Sep 2007

Thanks again spuds! i think the only possibly relevant thing i dont know is the power supply - will these progs give me that?

I'll do as you suggest, as im much in need of opinions on soundcards, as its dificult to ascertain what benefit they'll give, unless you install one and find out. Presumably once you did that, itd be hard to return it...?

Anyway, i think this is resolved for now, thanks again!

  al7478 16:17 05 Oct 2007

Sorry to bump this but i have spoken to dell and they said my warranty would not be changed even if i got the sound card from someone else. i am assuming, naturally, that that wouldnt be the case if the installation went wrong in some way, which seems to be the norm.

i have read the info on their site pertaining to my warranty, but i didnt find it too helpful - maybe i was just having a bad day.

however, a friend of mine has been told by them that if he got a graphics card, then his warranty would be void. can anyone help clear this up?

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