A new scam/fraud

  michaelw 09:29 18 Dec 2009

This is a new scam/fraud (to me anyway).

Somehow my debit card has been compromised. I have no idea how. I have a hardware and software firewall, Avast av, SuperantiSpyware, MalawareBytes, Ccleaner and Obit Security. I scan and remove anything often. I also shred anything with my name and address on it.

Yesterday morning I received a Blackberry phone for £374 by courier. The addressed name was similar to mine but not quite. I phoned the company to find out how it was ordered and by whom. But because of the data protection Act the assistant couldn't reveal any info. I asked at least could she give me the last 4 digits of the card used, which she obliged. I have several cards and phoned the relevant bank's fraud dept (a call centre in India) and they cancelled the card and transaction.

Early evening a black guy rang the doorbell and said there'd been a mistake and he'd come to pick up the parcel. I told him there'd been no mistake and he'd used my card to pay for it and the police were after him. He ran off into the night.

Apparently the fraudsters hope the victim won't check until it's too late. They also make a few transactions to increase their credit rating and then go for a big purchase.

So be careful out there.

  rickf 11:15 18 Dec 2009

THat's an awful experience you have had. Good to be informed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:58 18 Dec 2009

Your card will have not been 'compromised' by anyone hacking your computer. It will be done at the sellers or at a petrol station.

'I also shred anything with my name and address on it'..including the Electoral Roll?


  961 12:07 18 Dec 2009

The problem is the number of places where your card details including the 3 digit code are stored away from you

Many of these places aren't even in this country, even if you only use the card in the UK

I've had cards compromised despite taking all the steps you describe. In all 4 cases the transactions were from abroad, the card company contacted me rather than the other way round and on 3 of those occasions they had declined the transaction

You can only protect security on your system and remember also that the electoral roll is a public document

A £2 credit search every two or three months is a good idea because a lot of these guys aren't averse to applying for cards in your name and then changing your address with royal mail redirect service

  michaelw 14:17 18 Dec 2009

...Your card will have not been 'compromised' by anyone hacking your computer. It will be done at the sellers or at a petrol station...

I don't buy petrol and the only time I use it is at Asda or sainsburys. I can understand the electoral register giving my name and address. But how did they get the 3 digit code on the reverse.

Maybe a dodgy site but I don't go to them.

  Curio 14:25 18 Dec 2009

My name is not included on the Electoral Roll. There is an option available on registering for it not to be included.

  bremner 14:27 18 Dec 2009

Have you been told that a CVV was used. Not all sites ask for this.

"Maybe a dodgy site but I don't go to them" - or maybe a legit site that has been compromised.

Hacking of home computers does happen but it is rare. Most occasions where the full card details are obtained is either from phishing or compromise of a company.

  bremner 14:31 18 Dec 2009

I believe the opt out of the electoral register only applies to the edited version avaialble to comemrcial companies etc.

Unless you have declined entirely from voting you will appear on the full electoral role available to be viewed in any library.

  pjwheeldon 16:08 18 Dec 2009

The fact that the scammer was local enough to call at your door to collect the package suggests that your card details have been stolen locally as well.

I know you say you don't buy petrol and only shop at Asda or Sainsburys, but operators at both are still able to steal card details, and are you sure you have NEVER used it anywhere else?

Remember, they don't need to swipe your card, just store the basic information for collection at a later date. If you have a loyalty card your personal details will also be recorded and are therefore accessible.

  BT 16:52 18 Dec 2009

"changing your address with Royal Mail redirect service"

It isn't that simple.
When you apply for redirection of your mail a confirmation is sent to your old address before it is implemented, so you would know that someone other than yourself was trying to have the mail redirected. You should apply for redirection well before you move. The date that redirection starts is selectable by you in advance, so you should start it from the day you move.

  Strawballs 16:48 20 Dec 2009

This is the second time I have seen this exact scam on this site, I can't remember how long ago the last time was but you do need to report it.

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