new Savastore Aries PC BSOD

  Deb-232479 14:18 25 Jan 2006

On Fri 20/1, I received my new Aries pc. Within half an hour of switching it on, I had a blue screen stop error 0x9C "machine_check_exception" "Beginning dump of physical memory". The pc is fairly unstable - this error has occurred five times in four and a half days. Sometimes it is preceded by an electrical screeching noise, but not always.

Microsoft's website says this particular stop error apparently relates to hardware (not any peripherals or software). Not that I had chance to install much! I also noticed that the floppy disk door-flap on my 7 in 1 card reader is damaged - it hangs down and only seems to be connected at one side. I am afaid to use it in case it breaks off inside!

I've been emailing Savastore's pc support team since Friday and had no response. But a previously helpful member of their sales team, says

"I forwarded your previous email onto technical support and requested that they call contact you. If you wish to return the machine for repair/replacement/refund, let them know and they can make the necessary arrangements.
I have to agree that the machine you have obviously isn't in a good state and something needs to be done to resolve it."

If I return the pc for repair, I can't imagine what they'll do with it. The problem can take several hours to manifest and I suspect it has to actually be in use. Also, I understand AMD 64 bit processors can be picky as regards hardware compatibility. The problem may be down to the cheap Aries graphics card or RAM, but I can't afford to upgrade any further. I've already exceeded my budget.

I can't decide what action to take. If I ask for a repair, the forum leads me to believe it could take weeks and then still be no better. By then, might I have missed my chance to ask for a refund? Do I ask for a refund now and start again from scratch elsewhere? Or do I turn the problem over to Egg, my credit card company and see if they will pursue a refund?

  Forum Editor 14:33 25 Jan 2006

as you've already stated.

It's almost unheard of for me to publicly criticise a computer supplier in a thread like this, but I am bound to say here and now that my own experience with Savastore has not been a happy one.

I have repeatedly tried to get the company to address issues like this via the forum - in the same way that other vendors have done - but to little or no avail. They made a half-hearted attempt a while ago, but it was never anything more than that - since when we haven't seen any evidence to demonstrate that Savastore cares two hoots about their customers, once a machine has been sold. We see thread after thread telling a similar story - machines that are faulty, and a total lack of response from Savastore.

Nine days ago I wrote to our contact at the company, pointing out that we were seeing many threads complaining about the company's lack of any decent customer service, and asking for help with a specific forum thread. To date, and as far as I'm aware that customer still hasn't received any help from Savastore, and I haven't even had the courtesy of an acknowledgment of my email.

You might take the view that you would prefer to exercise your right to reject the computer completely, and ask for a refund. You have the right to do this within seven days of delivery, so you're still just in time. It's for you to decide, and of course my comments are simply an expression of my opinion, based on my own experience.

  961 14:48 25 Jan 2006

What more needs to be said?

You've had it from the horse's mouth

Send it back for a refund

  Deb-232479 14:49 25 Jan 2006

Thanks for your advice. I have now requested a Returns Authorisation from Savastore. I hope this takes less than the 3 weeks I hear another forum member waited!

I really just want to get rid of the thing and start again. I have lost all faith in Savastore and sincerely doubt their ability to fix the pc problem!

  rmcqua 15:03 25 Jan 2006

Imagine what it must be like to be a conscientious individual, trying to provide good customer service, in an organization with such a lousy corporate customer service attitude?

  PureMoltenEvil 09:31 26 Jan 2006

As the other forum member mentioned above, if you have the opportunity to send this back do it now - I'm still waiting for my return number. They probably wont issue one so my advice would be to call your local Trading Standards office or Consumer Direct. They were very helpful to me and will probably advise that you return the PC by recorded delivery, then contact your credit card or finance company if they don't refund you. If you paid for it on a debit card I think if they don't refund you might have to go through the small claims court.
Not sure I agree with rmcqua I've had good service from other suppliers and will buy again and again from them - surely the most profitable policy in the long run.

  Stuartli 09:40 26 Jan 2006

>>If you paid for it on a debit card I think if they don't refund you might have to go through the small claims court.>>

If you did pay by debit card - and it would seem unlikely rather than by credit card - providing your debit card has the Visa, rather than Switch, logo then you have the same cover as a credit card (at least in the case of the Halifax and I assume it would apply to other issuers).

  Deb-232479 09:53 26 Jan 2006

Thanks for your input, guys. It's nice to feel I'm not alone!

I paid by credit card. My account is managed online, so I sent Egg a message yesterday saying I want them to pursue Savastore for a refund. I've read elsewhere in this forum that under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended), they have 'Equal Liability' to resolve the issue. I hope they see it that way too!

I think I'll give Consumer Direct a call. I thought if I just returned the pc without a Returns Authorisation from Savastore, they would just send it straight back.(Though they're probably not that organised!)

I just want rid of the thing. It's not stable enough for video editing. All I've done so far is surf the net and it can't cope with that!

  Forum Editor 10:40 26 Jan 2006

return the machine without making prior arrangements with Savastore. Send an email to Peter Hills, the customer service manager ([email protected]) telling him that you require a full refund under the terms of the distance selling regulations. If you fancy following this up with a phone call you can contact Mr. Hills on his direct line: 0871 666 0140

I suggest that you act without any further delay, and update us later.

  spuds 11:24 26 Jan 2006

Do as the FE as suggested,and do not send the computer back without SavaStore's knowledge or approval. Make it quite clear to your credit card company that you wish them to pursue the matter for you, under section 75.

SavaStore appear to ignore any reasonable requests for help, so to avoid further delays and problems, start the ball rolling without any further delay.The longer you leave it, the better the advantage to SavaStore.

I 'lost' a computer through the activities of a now non-trading company,and I know what further grieve that can bring. And remember to keep details of ALL communications, this is very important.

  Deb-232479 12:21 26 Jan 2006

I've spoken to Consumer Direct. They advised me to send a Recorded Delivery letter to Savastore, referring to their breach of the sales of goods act and asking for a full refund. I have now done this. After 7 days, assuming I haven't had a response, I'm to contact Consumer Direct again.

I've also contacted the credit card company again making it clear that they are required to help me. I've given them Peter Hills telephone number and the Savastore address.

I did email Peter Hills yesterday with full details of the problem and included a jpeg of the pc blue-screening. The pic came out really well - the text was nice and clear. I hope he took the time to enjoy it!

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