New Razer Mouse

  iqs 18:08 13 Dec 2008

Has anyone bought one of these new mice,are they any good.Cheers

click here

  GaT7 19:14 13 Dec 2008

Razer make excellent gaming mice. Which one were you interested in specifically? Do a search for independent & user reviews.

Logitech make some good (& inexpensive) gaming mice too - e.g. the classic MX518 for £18 at click here. Plenty of good independent reviews & over 2000 user reviews at click here.

Btw, posting in the Games section click here may get more replies. G

  iqs 19:46 13 Dec 2008

Hi Crossbow 7,thanks for helping.

I have seen the MX518,it was on my list of possibles,the Razer I was looking at was the click here
It a choice between the MX or the Razer,I prefer the Razer because it lights up ;-)

  GaT7 21:56 13 Dec 2008

Hmm, £8-9 extra for the lights, & it's laser.

About £2 cheaper delivered from Play (£26) click here, when you factor in the cheapest delivery option at Novatech.

There's a Razer Krait that lights up too for £18 click here, but temporarily out of stock. G

  JAM3S 04:12 14 Dec 2008

Hi iqs :)
I recently bought all Razer accessories including a Lachesis laser mouse. Haven't taken to it and gone back to an Microsoft6000 laser. But Razer stuff does get good reviews from gamers, so maybe gig out some reviews before deciding which, if any to get :)

For what it's worth, I hate the Lacosa keyboard too! The £26 Destructor mousemat is cool though! ;)

  AL47 10:41 14 Dec 2008

the one i have is a microsoft/razer combination

called the microsoft habu, looks and feels like the microsoft one but has higher quality and accuracy internals + razer software

love it

  acceptmyname 17:04 14 Dec 2008

Depending on your budget i would go for lachesis as I can say it is really amazing mouse to play games on and would even go to say it improved my gameplay around 25%

I have read a article tho stating the razer lachesis plays better on hard surface mouse mats so please bear that in mind

  wolfie3000 17:20 14 Dec 2008

I have a friend who swears by his razor mouse but i have tried it and prefer my logitech mx laser mouse.

Both have good and bad points, if you have a larger hand then go for logitechs mice as they fit better.

If you are a serious gamer you might want to consider a good mouse pad too,

Many people will buy an expensive mouse and dont consider the surface it will be used on,

Get a mat with a large area and that is non slip, also make sure it has a gel filled wrist rest for long gaming sessions.

  iqs 15:49 16 Dec 2008

Just ordered the Razer Diamondback,collecting it tomorrow.
It was a tough decision ,the MX 518 or the Razer,the lights one .

Will let you know what I think of it.

Thanks for your help.

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