New Printer, No USB Cable ...

  Bingalau 19:17 31 Jul 2007

I have just purchased a new Canon Pixma iP4300 and much to my dismay find there is no usb cable supplied with it, to attach it to the computer. The place I bought it from (click here) says that is how they are supplied. I find this very annoying because it has cost me another eight pounds to buy the cable. I have e-mailed Canon but am still awaiting a reply. What I want to know is... Can someone confirm whether it is illegal to supply goods which are not suitable for purpose? Because without the cable, I couldn't even set up the printer from the CD running in the computer. Without the cable the printer is useless.

  PP321 19:49 31 Jul 2007

Hmmm whilst this is the norm when buying a printer, i think its really bad practise.

Ive just looked on the site and it doesnt mention a cable NOT being supplied, it didnt even offer me one in the "checkout" .

Because of this yes you may have a case, they'll try and fob you off saying "this is the case wherever you buy a printer"

Bu you say "im not talking about other retailers, i bought it from YOU, and YOU didnt tell me i needed a seprate cable!"

You dont buy a kettle only to find theres no lead in the box when you get it home do you!?!.

Just another way for companies to make money.

this 30p cable retails for £14.99 in some places.

Rip Off.

  Pine Man 19:55 31 Jul 2007

On the same theme I have bought DVD players that do not have a scart lead that connects them to a TV. I have bought several printers and none, including my latest canon, had a USB lead.

I have queried this lack of leads for various items and have always been told that they are a standard items of different lengths and you should buy the most suitable for your use!

Maybe if the lead you wanted was included the printer would have been £8 dearer ;-)

  nam_rahs 19:55 31 Jul 2007

Go to your nearest Poundland, you will pick one up there for £1.00. I've used them, they're ok.

  nam_rahs 20:01 31 Jul 2007

Sorry, if the cable you require is special to Canon then you will not get one there. However, the standard USB cables they sell are OK.

  Bingalau 20:17 31 Jul 2007

Trouble was I had a backlog of jobs to print, and there is no poundland nearer than about ten miles away. So I went to my local computer shop. They were very good and said "Bring it back if it doesn't work etc." But I think if nothing materialises from either Canon or the shop I bought it. I will get the Trading Standards involved because as far as I can see they are flogging a printer which is unsuitable for purpose because it can't/won't print.

  oresome 20:39 31 Jul 2007

Think of it this way.

If you already had a USB printer, the additional lead supplied with the new one would be surplus to requirements and just add to global warming for no useful purpose.

  Kate B 21:21 31 Jul 2007

I'm afraid no USB kit comes with a cable these days.

  Starfox 21:25 31 Jul 2007

I bought an HP printer from Comet and the salesmen told me I would need a cable to make it work so i bought a usb a to b cable as suggested.

Got home opened the box and guess what, there was a cable in the box.

  Stuartli 21:56 31 Jul 2007

My Epson R300 came with a very high quality USB lead.

Using cheap ones is false economy.

  malgall 21:57 31 Jul 2007

you got a bargain stop complaining

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