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  iqs 19:24 24 Oct 2005

hello considering purchasing a new printer.currently i have an epson stylus c62.this is the second epson i have owned,and the looking for a reasonably price printer which is capable of quality photo prints and cheap to cheap ink cartridges.and a model which is not a scanner/fax etc.all recommedations appreciated.many thanks,mike

  jack 19:38 24 Oct 2005

If it is a photoprinter you want and not an Epson
[though i cannot imagine why when R series are the business photo wise]
Then take your pick from Canon or HP. IMHO HP are alsways stymied with that awkward paper feed from the bottom, thus risking surface damage. Dont even look at Lexmark or Dell[ rebadged lexmark]
So its Canon - How deep is your pocket?

Read the PCA reviews

  grumpygramp 19:59 24 Oct 2005

I changed from an Epson C62 to an Epson R200 photo Printer, about a month ago. I have found it an excellent printer its quieter and faster than the C62 and far more economical on ink.(I use compatibles ) Amazon were selling them at £20 off ie: £59 . If you can afford it the Epson R320 is also very good according to my daughter who has one.

  iqs 21:56 24 Oct 2005

Hello Jack and thanks for your reply.I have around £60-£80 to spend.Just how good are the R series printers?.....Can't say I have seen these models yet................
hello grumpygramp and thanks for your reply.£59 seems alot for a cartridge.Do you know the price of the cartridges for the R320 ?.Hope to here from you both again.Many thanks,Mike : )

  hzhzhz 22:04 24 Oct 2005

Ive recently bought a canon ip4000. Great printer.Has 2 paper feeds, prints both sides and looks really nice. Around £80.

  jack 08:44 25 Oct 2005

Epson R series are R200[As with Grumpy Gramp- the price mentioned is the price of the printer]
The cartridges[in sets of six] cost approx £12 a set as compatables from Choice stationery or others
The originals are considerably dearer - of course.
The R series are R200 the base line printer £60 ish
R300/310/320 Similar to R 200 with the addition of Imager card reader built in[so you may not need that] and the R800/820 a pigment based printer which is top of the tops for about £300 or so.
All give spanking photo realism

  spuds 10:58 25 Oct 2005

To get an idea of the 'best prices', try these site for price comparison click here click here click here

  flyingbrit 23:19 26 Oct 2005

I'll second that comment on epson printers!!!!I got realy p****d with my c62 for ever getting bunged up if it wasn't used for more than 12 hours.In the end I bought a canon ip3000 from pc world,cracking photo's,fast too.If you buy from them order it on their website,you get a puchase number that you take to your local store and pay for it and pick it up from there saving a wad.I payed £63.95 for mine when instore price was £89.99(not bad for just ordering online!) I've had the canon 11 months now never re-newed ink,never had it bunged up,but even if it did you can remove the ink jets with a clip and soak them over night in cleaner. Overall totally satisfied.

  iqs 20:23 28 Oct 2005

Hello all, and many thanks for your advice.I will pay a visit to my local PC World next week and have a nose.Taking a copy of your comments with me for guidance.Once again thanks.Kindest regards,Mike

  Keithrow 21:13 29 Oct 2005

Before buying at PC World, should you find anything suitable, have a look on the web site and see if there is a "webb only price" and whether it is available for "in store pickup".

I recently bought a HP 8250 photosmart printer, excellent quality photo's but not maybe what could be described as 'cheap, however I think it is 'reasonably priced'. Especially when bought via the above method.

  jakimo 12:25 30 Oct 2005

You would not be disappointed with the Epson R200 or the R300 (stand alone version) they also print direct onto cd|dvd blank disc's,(no more sticky labels)

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