new Phone facility needed

  wee eddie 14:09 16 Dec 2009

I would like to see the ability to blow a "Raspberry" at the previous Caller, regardless as to whether they had hidden their number or not.

Monday, having finished work at 4.45am, I was woken at 9.30am by "Caller has withheld their number". In fact, had I had a handy (Well, the telephonic equivalent of) cricket bat, it would now have been broken and I would be in Court.

  Picklefactory 16:14 16 Dec 2009

I know the feeling, I've often wished for a button that would activate the cartoon style giant mallet, that would appear at their end and bludgeon them flat.

Technology is moving on............ here's hoping!!!

  Condom 16:54 16 Dec 2009

wee eddie
I seldom worked nights except through choice and also to let my night shift staff see my face occasionally. Most modern phones have a button or a slide somewhere on them that allows you to switch the ringer off. I found that a great boon to having a few peaceful hours of sleep.

  howard64 17:02 16 Dec 2009

my wired phone has a ringer on/off switch and the walkabouts are disconnected from the phone socket when I go to bed. I was getting a call at 1-45 with a recorded voice simply saying this is your booked reminder. BT could not or would not trace it so the above system was set up.

  Snec 11:56 18 Dec 2009

When I want to sleep I don't take phones into the bedroom. Simples!

  BT 17:02 18 Dec 2009

If you can't switch off the ringer you could just unplug the phone.
If its a mobile switch it off.
If you don't want to disconnect your landline and have an answerphone set it to the minimum number of rings (2 on mine). If it has an alternative message facility record a suitable one for when you are sleeping.

And as Snec says keep your phone out of the bedroom. I've never found it necesary to have one in there, but if I did one of my DECT handsets with the ringer turned off would suffice for outgoing calls.

  wee eddie 04:36 19 Dec 2009

I have a special ringer, so that I can hear it in the garden, but it can't be turned off!

  Snec 16:41 19 Dec 2009

It can't be turned off? Good anger control there... top man.

  Chris the Ancient 09:39 20 Dec 2009

...this device was on Dragons' Den.
click here

I actually bought one because of some nuisance calls. And I find it great. There are various levels of call handling; and depending on how you set it up, the phone won't ring for withheld or 'unwanted' numbers. The available 'log' always allows you to see what calls have been made - in either direction - in case you want to check.

BTW... I have no connection with the company - apart from telephonic ;o) - but I have found the device useful. Albeit a touch expensive. I'm waiting for the day that they produce a nice, and reasonably smart, phone with the system built in.


  spuds 11:52 20 Dec 2009

Screen the calls with an answerphone, it works for me. I get quite a number of calls from the Glasgow area, suggesting that I buy boiler heating protection. Their system usually checks my line with two rings then cuts-off. Asking them to stop, seems to bring in another call centre phone number. Very annoying.

Regarding no telephone in the bedroom, while possible a good idea for resting, but what would happen if you are confined to the bedroom area by a fire. Mobile phone a better idea, because of less chance of the connecteion going-down perhaps!.

  morddwyd 19:56 20 Dec 2009

A female friend much much troubled by "heavy breathers" took to keeping a very loud whistle by the phone!

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