New PC - but who to buy from?

  so3003 13:43 25 Oct 2003

Hi everyone

I'm looking to buy a new PC within the next few weeks. Due to other commitments my knowledge of PC hardware industry has gone a little rusty, so I'd like some advice about what's hot and what's not these days...

- Basically I'd like a flying machine :-) Cost isn't a major issue, and I'd like this to deliver high performance games etc as well as WP, internet access and the likes

- No monitor needed

- Are these fancy new 64bit Athlon chips worth looking into?

- Most importantly of all, any suppliers I should particularly look at / avoid?

Thanks for your help, all comments welcomed :-)

Try the Pc Advisor charts,lots of good advice,then look into the forums for the companies customer service.Then make your choice.(or total ignore them like me and buy elsewhere)But do not forget they want your money so barter and enjoy your power while it lasts.;}

  Djohn 17:26 25 Oct 2003

If cost is not a major issue, then have a look at this site for some lovely looking machines and truly outstanding performance. j click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:46 25 Oct 2003

If you want cutting edge games performance then click here. They are a tad expensive but they are built for games. If you are just a casual gamer then they are a bit OTT and Multivision, Mesh and Evesham seem to be well regarded.


  apu10 12:15 26 Oct 2003

well im looking for a decent pc and have been looking on ebay ! im only looking at the reputable merchants but can pcs get cheaper ?

just looking for a base unit for bout 700 squid, student price for a decent gaming pc !

any suggestions ?

  so3003 12:43 26 Oct 2003

Had a look at their site, and although the machines look nice, I'm not convinced that's anywhere near the best price for the specs they offer...?

  apu10 13:23 26 Oct 2003

well alienware is a bit too deer for my budget

  apu10 13:26 26 Oct 2003

who would you say offer the best price for pcs considering their components ?

evasham, mesh ect ...... all do good but it looks to me that the ebay deals are better !

any suggestions on a site that offers deals the same or better than them ?

  Stuartli 14:47 26 Oct 2003

You can spend hours, days, weeks and months deciding exactly what you want to buy and finding out how much it will cost.

A week after you have bought it, the price will either come down quite a bit or the specifications will have been improved.

Decide exactly what you require a system for, the software needed for your particular needs and then make your mind up.

Otherwise you will lose a lot of the time you could have had actually enjoying using it...:-)

  apu10 15:00 26 Oct 2003

but where is this godforsaken place ?

just a website link of a good value, honest company !

  Djohn 16:44 26 Oct 2003

Dell click here Mesh click here
Evesham click here and this one will give details of all the PC manufactures/supliers in the UK. j. click here

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