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  Flak999 15:06 10 May 2011

Hi all, I'm in the market for a new system and have got this quote from Cougar extreme. Would you run your eyes over it and tell me what you think, have I missed anything, should I change the spec for something better?

I am saving a few pounds by keeping my Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse and my relatively new Samsung 22inch monitor, also going to reuse my creative 7.1 speaker system.

nvidia i7 socket 1155 gts gtx ( INTEL CORE I7 2600k -3.40GHz - 8MB, XIGMATEK SCORPION HDT- S1283 COOLER, 16GB DDR3 Corsair Ram 1600 single module x4, 60Gb SSD sata 2.5,(will load Win7 pro on this) 1000Gb SATA Hard Drive,(for data) ASUS P8P67 PRO REV3, P67 B3 Motherboard, 1536Mb GTX580 PCI Express Nvidia DDR DVI DX11 graphics card, Coolermaster Sileo 500 Black Silent Case, CORSAIR CM PSU- 850TXUK, LG Blu ray writer and readers HD DVD black, Integrated Sound Card, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, 3.5 Internal Card Reader, Free Courier Insurance, Standard Warranty, Standard England & Wales Shipping, Payment by Credit Card

All for the princely sum of £1622.34

What do you all think?

  chub_tor 18:20 10 May 2011

Looks good to me, wish I could afford that kind of money. Just one comment is that according to the Asus Spec it supports 5.1 sound and you mention 7.1 speakers. Perhaps add a PCI Sound Card then?

  Flak999 19:27 10 May 2011

chub_tor Yes, I did wonder about a separate sound card, but on-board sound has come on leaps and bounds since I bought my last machine.

My thought was to use my existing 7.1 speakers and make do with 5.1 sound (I will just not use two of my existing speakers)there is the facility on my speaker controls to switch between 5.1 and 7.1

I know it is a lot of money, but I use my system every day and my old Evesham has lasted me almost seven years, if this one lasts as long it will only have cost me just under £20 a month.

  finerty 20:50 10 May 2011

dont worry hes being funded by 999

  Flak999 21:23 10 May 2011


dont worry hes being funded by 999

LOL, I used to be! Just living on my pension now! :-)

  Flak999 17:24 12 May 2011

This thread also resolved see: click here

  Portal11 12:18 14 May 2011

flak999 thats a very nice piece of kit! are you a gamer.?

  Flak999 13:07 14 May 2011


I am yes, I'm not a hardcore gamer like some on here. But I do like to play World of Tanks, and I want to get into Microsoft Flight Simulator which is quite demanding on system hardware.

Hopefully with a system of this spec I will be future proof for a good while ahead.

  Portal11 15:04 14 May 2011

flak i'm into L4D2 and Cod games! i play with my mates we have a hell of a blast as well as using a Voiceserver (Teamspeak) at the same time so we can talk whilst in game, my son who is 8 has just got into world of tanks he loves it! he's asked me to pay for upgrades on the game is it worth paying for the upgrade.?


  Flak999 17:14 14 May 2011

W.O.T can be played for free as I am sure you know, the difference in purchasing a premium account is that you gain experience faster and you get paid more with in game credits at the end of a round.

This allows you to advance up the tech tree faster than by playing for free. Once you get to about level 4/5 you really need to have a premium account to advance further, as the higher tier tanks cost a lot of in game credits to repair and refit.

It can still be done for free, but you have to be a very good player and have a lot of patience to advance this way.

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