New PC or New build now or later.

  MIKE 17:42 07 Jan 2004

My PC is about 3 years old so I decided is was time I thought about Buying/Building a new machine. Seeing various questions and articles about PC's not being future proof and going out of date quickly. I am even more concerned, after reading recently about new type of case (BTX)just round the corner making the ATX case some what old hat then the thought of a new mobo to fit. Also with a further twist in the OS tail XP or Longhorn should one wait for the later. I realise you can never get on top in the PC market as most systems are out of date as soon as you take them out of the box. Woe is me advice please.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:34 07 Jan 2004
  Djohn 18:40 07 Jan 2004

Hi MIKE, as far as Longhorn is concerned, that will be sometime in 2006. FE. has just commented on this in another thread.

Also as you say, if we keep waiting then we will never buy or upgrade. But I think just at the moment it may be wise to wait a couple of months as there appear to be several changes due to hit the market. Even if you don't go for the latest offering, the current ones may come down in price.

There is the BTX case and motherboard you mention, also the 64 bit CPU's and a small article I was reading on Tom's hardware, about the new form of graphics card with a different method of connecting to the motherboard.

Instead of using an AGP connector it will use a new one called PCI express. click here

Can't advise as to what you should do, but would be a shame to spend an awful lot of money over the next couple of months only to find everything is just changing. :o(

  tenplus1 19:06 07 Jan 2004

Technology moves so fast now that no matter what you buy, it'll be old within 2 months what with all the new and cheaper technologies being produced and marketed...

The easy option is to buy or build something that works for you and does what you NEED it to do and keep that for 3 or more years before thinking of upgrading again...

  MIKE 19:57 07 Jan 2004

All the views mentioned gives me food for thought. I think we some times talk ourselves into wanting the latest system we can afford regardless if we need it. I think I will opt for upgrades for my current system and wait about 6 months to buy a new PC.

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