New Pc, Dell XPS420 any good?

  schmik 11:57 16 Apr 2008

Hey guys, just need a bit of advice please!
I'm looking for a new gaming PC, my budget is around £800 and i've found this deal:

Dell XPS 420
XPS 420 Viiv E8400 Core 2 Duo Processor (3.00GHz, 6MB, 1333MHz)
4096MB 800MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [4x1024]
500GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA/100 Hard Drive with 16MB DataBurst™ cache
SINGLE 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT card
DVD +/- RW Drive (read/write CD & DVD)

all for 600 quid.

Is this a good buy or can i get a better gaming PC from another website, people keep recommending cyberpower,cougar etc but the specs dont seem to match the dell one at the same price?
Also, i've heard that the motherboards on Dell machines are useless and cant be upgraded, so I wouldn't be able to add any extra hard drives/cards into it, any opinions on that?

Thanks a lot in advance!

  Rob_08 12:49 16 Apr 2008

Hi schmik,
I had one for a few days but returned it, couldnt get all the drivers for XP so that was no good to me, if you intend Vista only then thats ok but the biggest gripe was the build quality of the DVD Drives, very very flimsy. When the drawer popped out it almost hung over with a disk put onto it. But maybe they changed that by now.
Anyway I found a better machine here.

click here

  belfman 13:39 16 Apr 2008

"Also, i've heard that the motherboards on Dell machines are useless and cant be upgraded, so I wouldn't be able to add any extra hard drives/cards into it, any opinions on that?"

It's tripe. While they are custom to Dell there's plenty of room for expansion and upgrade.

XPS are premium machines they include a Next Day Onsite warranty, dedicated telephone support (though based in India I have found them to be very good), Leather-bound ordganiser with disks, personalised cable ties, mouse matt and cleaning cloth and an XPS 'Bible' (That's my word for it) which contains all you could ever want to know about the machine. - the spec and the service CANNOT be beaten.

The case is also an enviable with other manufacturers, in a local store I noticed a couple of generic cases "new in" which seem to emulate the XPS420 design IMO.

  GaT7 15:45 16 Apr 2008

Use voucher code: 70VH9$5F87NP17 (EXPIRES TODAY midnight) at checkout to get 10% off, & go through Quidco to get further 5% cashback click here. This will make it ~£525 in total.

These codes keep coming & going about once every couple of months, so don't worry if you miss this. But you'll need to be patiently wait for their return - assuming you don't buy from elsewhere in the meantime! G

P.S. Recent XPS thread click here

  schmik 09:19 17 Apr 2008

Thanks for all the replies, just need to know now if those specs are good value for money and if there are any better options from companies that I may not have heard from!

  Totally-braindead 09:30 17 Apr 2008

The Dells are excellent value for money, regarding upgrading they used to use non standard power supply connections which made upgrading the power supply differcult but I believe they no longer do this. And some of the boards they use are altered specifically for them and may have one less PCI slot as an example.
For the vast majority of people this is no problem. Some want a seperate sound card and a TV card and a couple of other items that use PCI slots and then you might have problems as you can run out of slots. I must point out that some motherboards don't have that many PCI slots anyway and I was only giving this as an example.

Nothing wrong with a Dell in my opinion. Only things to watch out for is that it has a decent graphics card, which the one you linked to has, and that it has a reasonable amount of memory, 2 gig for Vista. Other than that its up to you. I would not personally buy any PC thats in a slimline case because getting parts to fit it can be a nightmare but this holds true with any make.

  belfman 11:03 17 Apr 2008

3 PCI slots and the PCIX which holds the graphics card. There's 4 slots for RAM, with 4 X 1GB sticks you have them filled. The machine also has extra space for internal sata HDDs, another dvd drive. Outside there's 2 USB2 ports and firewire at front and audio ports. External SATA port at back, Ethernet, rear audio and an abundance of USB2's at back at least 6 of them.

  GaT7 16:24 17 Apr 2008

'just need to know now if those specs are good value for money' - with the 10% code & Quidco cashback it makes it unbeatable for a readymade system.

But you could build it for a little more, with some better quality parts - i.e. the faster RAM (split orders for best value)....

EBUYER order click here = £372.50 (with free del option)

SCAN order click here = £157.50 - to add these items to your basket: click here & click here (free del click here)

Total = £530

For a better case you could go for an Antec Sonata III with 500w PSU click here, &/or an Intel Q6600 (QUAD-core) click here (don't forget the separate cooler!) - but these would add ~£41 more.

Apart from the keyboard, mouse & card-reader I haven't missed anything, have I? G

  pindle 16:52 17 Apr 2008

Im also interested in buying an XPS 420. However Im waiting for the new Intel Yorkfield Q9450 to become an option.

Anyone know when Dell will be offering the Q9450?

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