New PC-Christmas present to myself (Advice please)

  T_Hutch 12:03 10 Dec 2010

Hi my name is Tom and I am looking to buy myself a pc for xmas. I already have a laptop that I plan to carry on using for day-to-day stuff but would really like a desktop as within the last six-months I have gained a new dslr with great video capturing, and would really like to start learning to edit my videos more. Unfortunately I am not quite computer savvy enough to build an entire rig. My budget is about £500-600, I already have a monitor and I do not need massive amounts of memory/storage as I can add more if I need. I have been looking at AMD Phenom X6 pcs as these seem quite good for the money. Any advice welcome. Cheers, Tom

  HondaMan 12:30 10 Dec 2010

I suggest Novatech, Dabs, Cyberpower, Mesh or search these forums for suggestions and reviews on various companies and their service. Don't be put off by all the adverse comments re Mesh service andf delivery and if you talk to them nicely by email, before you buy, they may even discount the fast build premium you normally pay

  T_Hutch 15:19 10 Dec 2010

Cheers HondaMan- I have been looking at some of your suggestions and now realise there is a lot more choice on offer at the price than I originally thought.
One thing I could do with a little more advice on though is whether I should invest in better graphics card for video editing or not. Will a card such as a GT240 do fine if the processor is good enough (by the way I am currently doing little more than effective colour corrections and effects whilst editing, creating 3d models is a long way down the line). Personally I was thinking that investing in a SSD would be better just to improve the speed of doing things- I can always upgrade the graphics card later I suppose.

  GaT7 15:54 10 Dec 2010

For your use, a much lesser GPU than the GT240 will do, so you can get a better CPU, more RAM or a bigger hard drive with the money saved. Also consider opting for a fanless one to keep noise levels down.

Remember, with a 32-bit OS any more RAM than 4Gb will be a waste. G

  Marko797 16:15 10 Dec 2010

"Personally I was thinking that investing in a SSD would be better just to improve the speed of doing things"...I think these will only increase boot speed marginally but not 'process' things faster. They're expensive for what they actually do so I would stick with normal SATA HDDs.

  T_Hutch 16:30 10 Dec 2010

Crossbow 7
Cheers for clearing that up- I sometimes think people are fixated on GPUs a little too much (me included). Noise isn't such a problem too a certain degree as I pretty much always sit at my pc with my headphones in (I don't really like speakers as they can be a bit anti-social). As for operating systems I think I'll go with Windows 7 64-bit. Unfortunately most configurators make a jump in memory from 4GB of ram to 8GB so I may have to fit more after delivery.
Although I do not currently own it I will most likely invest in a CS5 package- if I install the included programmes on the ssd will that not improve their operating speeds?

A system that I think looks good is click here The brand certainly seems recommended by this website

  Marko797 16:36 10 Dec 2010

These are not large capacity drives, and the more capacity = higher cost.

I note the HDD on your chosen machine is only 500Gb. You might want to go for 1Tb if you're doing video related stuff?

Win 7 definitely.

  Marko797 16:42 10 Dec 2010

1500gb sata + £35
120gb ssd + £175
No brainer really

  T_Hutch 16:44 10 Dec 2010

I was thinking of a 60 ssd coupled with a 500gb SATA. The current videos I shoot are in HD but I don't think I dont create many edited films above 5 minutes. I also regularly clean my files and folders so 1TB wouldnt be necessary for a while. However, I may save a bit more to afford a larger data hard drive.

  T_Hutch 16:55 10 Dec 2010

Using my laptop the most annoying thing has been editing an entire video then coming to render and losing frames. That is the single most important thing this system must address. I had read in another forum that using an ssd for programs whilst video editing improved the process.

  hastelloy 10:09 11 Dec 2010

I have click here and would recommend an i5 CPU for video editing (i7 is better but too expensive IMHO). I changed the HDD for a 250GB and a 500GB (I have added a further 2 x 500 GB HDDs from my old PC. I like to keep my OS and most programs on C but put my video editing software on another drive which I use as a work area. The D drive is for basic data and the 4th for storage. I also have 2 x 500 Gb, 1 x 1TB and 2 x 2TB external HDDs for further storage and backup. As I use 64 bit, I have 8 GB RAM.

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